Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm loving this Wednesday...

{ warm weather }
It's in the 60s today, and sunny! I celebrated by wearing a dress (with leggings- it's not THAT warm yet lol) I am seriously looking forward to 70-80 degree weather. And for that weather to STAY for a while!

{ lunch & summer plans }
I met Ann & Mary for lunch today. I watch their kids every summer (and have since 2006-- I knew them even before that when I worked my first job at a daycare their kiddos went to.) We talked about plans for the summer & worked out a schedule. I'm excited to watch them again. :) This year the girls will be 8 and the boys 10. They get easier every year-- and it's just crazy that I've known them since they were 3 and 1! It was fun eating lunch w/them too :)

{ tomorrow = day off }
Well, so far! I took the afternoon off at least (we're dancing at Williamstown elementary), we'll see if I end up getting a job for the morning. I'm really kind of looking forward to it. I haven't had a day off since February! (not that I'm complaining...)

{ I might get a year of experience this year! }
As a sub in Wood County, 133 days worked in one school year = 1 year of experience/seniority. As of the end of March I had 98, and adding up all the scheduled days with both my long term and other jobs I have booked already, I will only need 3 MORE DAYS scheduled before I get my year of experience! I hope I can make it this year, and that it helps when finding a job!

And before I go, here's Wee bit of Me Wednesdays!

{one} what is one food that, as an adult you love, but as a child you said you’d never touch?
I'm not sure, I wasn't overly picky as a kid. I didn't like tomatoes much until I got in high school...

{two} did you go to college? if yes, what was your major?
Yes. My major was Elementary Ed. Took me 5 years but I graduated w/a Bachelor's in Elementary Ed & with an additional Middle School Social Studies Specialization.

{three} what’s the most wild animal you’ve seen in real life (not counting the zoo)?
Probably a coyote. And nothing is more CREEPY than listening to them howl. *shudders*

{four} have you ever been to a fortune teller?
um no. I don't generally believe in that stuff. I suppose people could have some gifts but I doubt it's anyone with a 1-800 number or a creepy shack with a neon sign.

{five} can you juggle?
Hahaha that's funny. I have about zero hand/eye coordination so that'd be NO! My dad can though...

{six} hardwood floors or carpet?
We have hardwood and I'm glad. With a puppy it's much easier to clean and keep clean.

{seven} is it called “soda” or “pop”?
In WV it's pop :)

{eight} what was your first car?
A 1996 Ford Thunderbird. I freakin' loved that car. It was a sled in the winter but other than that I loved it. I'd probably still have it if I hadn't of wrecked it.

{nine} what is the most decadent dessert you’ve ever eaten?
Hmm... that is so hard... I'd have to say the chocolate lava cake from Chili's. Or Coldstone Ice Cream. That stuff's pretty much what diabetes tastes like.

{ten} how often do you rearrange your furniture?
I probably never would. Brew likes to once in a while, and has rearranged our bedroom. Our living room doesn't have much flexibility. We rearranged it for the Christmas tree but other than that it's been the same since we moved in.

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