Saturday, April 2, 2011

A new look...

So I got a new background, made a new banner, and spruced things up a bit. The only thing is I'm not sure if I like how skinny my main blog text is now, but if I made it wider it didn't fit the background. Eh we'll see, I'll probably keep it for a while. The adorable background came from The Cutest Blog on the Block! (They have free stuff, yay!)

We bought new tires for our Malibu today. They were long overdue. Isn't it just ridiculous that you have to pay that amount for RUBBER? Seriously...

Other than that, we went and did a "drive-by" look at a house today. We like it enough from the outside that we called the realtor to go look at it. Ended up just leaving a message but yeah it's pretty awesome. If I know you and you want to see it, either email me or comment me and I will send you the link to the MLS listing. Otherwise I'm not going to link it on here cause well- I don't want the world knowing how to reach me if we did move there LOL.

I have an idea for some posts. Since I abandoned the whole posting my weekly menu thing (I still do make up menus, and stick to them, it just always ends up being rearranged so I don't see the point in posting it) I decided that once a week I'll do a post of something yummy I cooked that week, and share pics and the recipe! I will do a kick-off for it tomorrow. (when I can get pics off my camera for last week, then I think I'll do them mostly on Saturdays.)

Alrighty I will write again tomorrow!

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