Friday, April 8, 2011

Ahhh Friday

Hurray it's Friday!

Looks like we have a beautiful weekend in store! It's been raining off & on today, but thankfully cleared up and the sun came out just in time for me to get home from work and take my pooch for his walk.

Speaking of which- Duke stayed in the house today without being in his crate for the WHOLE day, as in almost 9 hours, and was a perfect angel. He didn't tear anything up, or make a mess, or anything! I'm so proud of him. Hopefully the crating days are in the past. Not that there's anything wrong with it- I know it's usually a good thing. But I just mostly want to get that big giant thing out of the way. And I feel less bad about leaving him home alone when at least he's not cooped up in his crate. We close all the bedroom doors, and leave him plenty of chewies and his kong toys out. He's done wonderfully!

So plans for this weekend-not a whole lot actually... Tonight, Brew'll be off almost on time! So I'm thinking we may grill some steaks and just relax and maybe watch a movie or something. :) tomorrow we are going to go look at that house at 11. Then I'm not sure what we'll do the rest of the day. I probably should work on laundry & cleaning. Sunday we have our usual church & lunch with the family. After that I'll head over to clogging practice. Then we'll have the evening to do whatever!

So I found this on another blog- Here Comes the Sun, and she credited Our Little Lifescicle. Though, I'm not positive who actually started it! So I just linked both here :) Anyway it's the 10 day YOU challenge. I think I will start with 10 and count backwards :)

Day 1- 10 Secrets
{this is actually really hard for me to answer... I can't say I have many "secrets"}

  1. As a little kid, I was terrified of lightning. Really bad storms still scare me.
  2. I have only ever had two boyfriends. I married the second one lol.
  3. My car is embarrassingly messy.
  4. If you make a surprise visit to my house I guarantee you will find dog toys laying around, an unswept/mopped floor, dishes in the sink, and papers piled on the table.
  5. I was engaged once before to my ex-boyfriend (see #2). It obviously didn't work out and was a mistake. We were so young/naive) but a lot of people don't know that.
  6. My hubby & I had our first kiss before we were officially a couple.
  7. This blog is not well known among friends & family. I actually kind of like it that way.
  8. I'm going to include the fact that we are trying for a baby as a "secret". Even though a few know (and readers here) Because of #7 and other reasons, my family & most friends do not know.
  9. I've never truly lived on my own. I lived at home while in college and the year after, then I got married and hubby & I live together of course. No regrets though. :)
  10. I was teased for various things as a kid, mostly 4th through 7th grade... (my small-ness, the fact that I didn't hit puberty until 7th grade, the clothes I wore, etc.) But I think those experiences made me a better person. :) At very least, I got over some of my shy-ness and can stand up for myself.

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