Sunday, February 8, 2009


So I haven't been too great at updating as of late. So I'll give you the rundown...

Student Teaching
My life has been consumed by student teaching. I'm enjoying it though. I really love working at Lubeck. The teachers & staff there are just great. And with the exception of a couple...shall we say... challenging... students, the kids are great too. I passed the social studies test too and was just granted full admission to student teaching in social studies 5-9, which means I'm def. getting my specialization. I'm really excited to be done, I can't believe it's only a couple months away!

The New Year so far
Well I'm sure most of you probably already know, because I'm not sure that many read this, if any actually, but the new year has been getting off to a good start for me. In all aspects of my life. I just started dating a long-time friend of mine, Brew. At first I was leery about jumping into another relationship, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought "why not?" One of my new years resolutions was to stop convincing myself I shouldn't be happy. He makes me happy. So, we are taking our time and enjoying each other and spending time together. I'm so comfortable with him too because we've been friends for years so there's not that awkwardness that comes with new relationships.

Looking Ahead

Some things I'm looking forward to in the next few months are...
-Changing Placements: I love it at Lubeck, and I don't necessarily want to change schools, but I'm looking forward to working with fifth graders, it'll be nice to have kids that can tie their own shoes ;)
-Possibly going to Morgantown at the end of this month: plans are for me, Brew, and Levi (Nicole's bf) to go to Morgantown to stay w/Nicole the last weekend in Feb. All assuming her grandma's tests/surgery goes well, which we're praying does!
-Stefani's Bridal Shuffle in March: It'll be fun, I've not really been a part of a wedding party, and I love spending time w/her, and yea I'm just looking forward to it :)
-My Birthday!: Just cause it's my birthday. Although there's nothing real special about turning 23...
-Spring Break: Who doesn't look forward to Spring Break? I love teaching but it's always nice to get a break!
-Graduation: DUH!
-Summertime: goals over the summer are to SAVE MONEY for Stef's wedding in Thailand, and hopefully *crosses fingers* have enough money to start the process of moving out!

Ok I hope that update is sufficient. Now I'm going to go back in the living room... my family and Brew are watching The Dark Knight. Batman's not really my thing, I sat through 45 min. of it before I got bored & decided to get on here...

So with that I'll sign off! :)