Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boneless Buffalo Wings!

Sorry this is late, but it was my Food Favorite of last week!

Ok this one is super-easy and just might be considered "cheating" ;)

Boneless Buffalo Wings

You'll need:
- Frozen breaded crispy chicken breast pieces. (I used Kroger brand popcorn chicken. Tyson has what they call "anytizers" too that work! I suppose if you wanted to fry your own crispy chicken you could do that. But this was way easier!)
- Buffalo sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray's buffalo sauce. You can use any that you like. If you aren't a hot & spicy person, I'm sure honey bbq would be just as good!)
- Mixing bowl or plastic container with lid.

Step 1: Cook frozen chicken pieces according to package directions. (use the oven though- I can only imagine how mushy they'd be if you did them in the microwave. Ick)

Step 2: Pour desired amount of buffalo sauce into the mixing bowl. Add cooked chicken pieces. However much sauce you put depends on how many wings you are fixing. I only fixed about half the package so I used about 1/3 bottle of sauce.

Step 3: Secure lid on container, and shake until sauce has evenly coated all chicken pieces

Annnd that's it! Easy huh? This'd be a great party recipe. I made them for dinner though and served them with ranch dressing for dipping, french fries, and salad. Yummy!

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Stefani said...

Oh...and my favorite was your new Appalachian conjunction:
"this'd" LOL!