Monday, February 16, 2015

First (real) post of 2015 (I know it's about time!)

Well it's been a while since I last posted so I'm back with a little update of what's been going on....

First of all I did make a Christmas post and Valentine's post (but I past-dated that a word? well it is now!) so I'm actually going to cover from Jackson's birthday (Nov 20) til now (Feb 16)

So Jackson is doing fabulous!  Since he turned two we moved him out of his crib (which let's be honest he never slept in it more than 4hrs a night-- most of the time was spent in our bed) and into a twin bed, or his "new bed" as he calls it.  He's been sleeping much better in it and seems to like it (although he does find his way into our bed by 4am or so)  Another "big" thing for him is that he is weaning!  Or rather, I'm weaning him.  In the past month he has gone from nursing 3-5 times in a 24 hour period to ONE time.  Bedtime.  Hurray!  So now that he is night weaned he does sleep better through the night and I'm sleeping better too.  He didn't do this on his own, I definitely encouraged it because I was ready.  Now we are down to just bedtime and are kind of chilling out here for a bit.  I'm going to wait and see what happens over the next month or so- and if he doesn't give it up on his own then I'll initiate it.  The whole thing has been definitely bittersweet.  My goal is to have him 100% done by the time he turns 2 and a half and I'm confident we will reach that goal.  In other Jackson news... we've looked into some 2-year-old preschool programs in the area and I think we have decided on one.  I know, 2 seems young to be sending him to school BUT first of all... it's more for social reasons that I'm sending him.  I can teach him shapes, colors, letters, and numbers at home (heck he already knows most of them!).  But I want to give him the opportunity to spend time with other kiddos his age and to be away from Mommy & Daddy and grandma.  Plus with his late Fall birthday he will be older than most of his peers in the same grade so I think it'll be good for him.

In sad news... on December 16 I lost my grandma.  She went into the hospital here right before Thanksgiving, we almost lost her then, but then she improved somewhat, they discovered she had a rare genetic blood disorder (that likely has contributed to her health issues her whole life), they transferred her to Ohio State Hospital to start this new treatment-- but unfortunately her organs had just been too badly damaged and she couldn't fight any longer.  While I know she is in heaven, I still miss her sooo much.  Then just a week ago my husband lost HIS grandmother.  Although she had health issues (has had multiple strokes, including bleeding strokes) this was a very sudden thing as she had a brain bleed into her brain stem.  We will really miss her a lot too.  Between my husband and I we only have one grandparent left.  My grandpa (husband of my grandma we just lost), and thankfully he is in excellent health- though I'm sure losing your wife of 59 and a half years will take its toll.  But I'm glad to still have "Papaw Tom" as Jackson calls him, in our life.  I told my husband I really hope we are DONE with funerals for a long while!

As far as anything else goes... we've still been trying for baby #2 (with no luck just yet).  It's been a while now, we haven't prevented pregnancy since April of 2014.  It took us a year with Jackson though so I'm figuring on it taking a while longer.  We will see, I'm not the most patient person!

Well Jackson just woke up from his nap so duty calls.  (We are home enjoying a snowday today!)  I'll write again soon :)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

So I had to bribe him with Mickey Mouse and a sucker this year to get him to sit still and (somewhat) smile for a picture lol. And just for fun-- here's a collage of
Jackson's first, second, and third Valentine's. 

Sniff. Can't believe how fast he's growing up!  Hope you all had a fun day with the people you love!