Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project- proposal video :)

Here's a video I made using Picasa. I compiled the proposal video w/some still shots that his family took! (Credits for the song go to Brad Paisley!) My plan is to take this, the slideshow that I am planning on making for our wedding, and if it will fit some video from the actual wedding and put it together on one DVD. ♥

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Making a list...

Hey! Well I've been in full "to do" mode! I haven't had any sub jobs this week- I had one scheduled (and one call) that both ended up being cancelled for snow! Kids haven't been in school but like one day this week (and there's none tomorrow). I'm hoping the roads won't be too bad tomorrow because I have things I need to do then!

Well the Thailand trip is fast approaching. I've got to try to accomplish all I need to finish in the next week! Yikes! I'm getting nervous, not so much about actually being THERE but getting to & from there!

Then I've also had wedding planning on the brain! I'm so excited! :) :) :) So far we've decided on the date (June 26, 2010) the location for the ceremony (St. Paul Lutheran Church) and our reception (the church fellowship hall). I've also decided on my wedding party (I have one more bridesmaid & my flower girl to confirm yet). Brew's still working on his (he's halfway there!)

The biggest thing I'm concerned about is money, but God will provide right? I made up a budget & am trying to stick w/it. I'm really just looking forward to spending my life with him <3

Alright so this entry sounds really disjointed & rambly... maybe I'll try another day. lol. Until then!