If you're clicking on this then I suppose you are wanting to know more about the Deans!

This is us!!!

Well first of all, my name is Melissa.  I'm the author of this blog.  I started blogging wayy back in high school.  (Before that I always had some sort of journal... you know the kind with paper and pen)  I started with LiveJournal and Xanga (anyone remember those?)  Then after a break-up in 2008, I started this blog on here as kind of a fresh start.  Since then it has evolved into a chronicle of mine and my husband's life together, and now our journey as a soon-to-be family of three!

This is me in 2009 I think!

I will tell you a little more about me personally.  I'm 27 years old and live in a small town in WV  (though who am I kidding, they are all pretty much small towns here!) where I was born and raised.  I went to college for four five years to get my elementary education degree (with middle school social studies endorsement).  I have substitute taught now for four years, and this school year am also starting a new adventure-- as a preschool teacher at a private preschool (at my church).  My dream is to be a stay-at-home mom so I hope to be able to do that someday soon.

In my free time, I enjoy clogging, singing, music, spending time with my family and friends, scrapbooking, reading, and the outdoors (when the weather is nice!).

I have been sooo blessed with an awesome husband (more on him in a sec) a beautiful amazing baby boy-- Jackson (more on him too!) born 11/20/12, and a wonderful family & friends.

I am happily married (going on 4 years now) to my awesome husband and best friend, Brew!

That's him, summer 2012 in the Outer Banks!

No, Brew isn't his real name, rather a childhood nickname (derived from "Bruiser" as he was a big baby!) that "stuck".  His real name is Charles.  He's named after his grandpa.

He's 25 years old (yeah younger than me!) and was born and raised in the same area as I was.  We met in high school, but were just friends until four years AFTER graduating when we finally figured out we were meant for each other (you can read more about how we met and all that stuff in the "our story" page).

He has a college degree in Criminal Justice, but like many others, has a job that has absolutely nothing to do with that field.  He's a service tech for an in-home oxygen and medical supply company in our area.

In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, golf, cars, and sci-fi nerdy tv shows, movies, and books that I give him a hard time about :)

And lastly but CERTAINLY not least-- the light of our lives, our baby boy, Charles Jackson Dean  (known as Jackson, or by us, occasionally "Squirt")

My sweet baby boy at 9 months old!
You can read about my pregnancy with him, as well as posts about him, and he has his own little page as well right here.  But he is my curious, social, and sweet little guy.  I love being his mama!

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