Friday, September 14, 2012

Whoa- 30 Weeks!

So today I am 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  I'm less then 10 weeks away from my due date.


Lol- ok so the nervous/excited/anxious feelings are kicking in major.  Along with some hardcore back/rib pain and tiredness.  I'm so looking forward to holding my little man in my arms.  Yet it seems so surreal- just me being a MOM.  I'm not even nervous about my ability to be a mom- I just figure most things will come naturally.  It's just I almost can't believe it.  I've wanted kids my whole life and more importantly I've wanted a baby for a year and a half- and I just can't believe I'm actually getting him!  I just feel overwhelemed with blessings.  :)

I am a little anxious about labor/delivery, nursing, and the fact that this little human is going to be totally dependent on me.

I'm not sure how the next ten-ish weeks are going to go.  The second trimester, and also the last couple weeks, have gone by sooooooooo quickly.  Seems like just yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant and fighting nausea and my belly was just a teeny bump.  And now BAM I'm huge and 7 months pregnant lol.  So I'm not sure if it'll continue to go quickly or if it will slow down considerably now that I'm anticipating having him.  We shall see!

Got a lot to look forward to- my cousin Stefani and her family are coming in from Germany for two weeks on Sunday!  (She and I share a due date!  Her with #2, and me with #1- both boys!)  I can't WAIT to see them! <3 p="p">
Alrighty well here's my pregnancy update and vlog.  See you all next week (or the week after- depending on when I get around to blogging again next!)

How far along: 30 Weeks, 5 days
Size of Baby: Head of lettuce
Total Weight Gain: 22lbs :-O
Maternity Clothes: EVERYTHING.  Even my bigger medium tshirts are too tight now.  So I steal my husbands tshirts to sleep in LOL.
Gender: We're having a baby BOY!!!
Movement: Big big big rolls and kicks and jabs. Like a rock-em-sock-em robot!
Best thing this week: My friend Abby finally made it public that she is expecting a little one as well!!!  She's due in April! :)  I'm suspecting a girl- perhaps a little girlfriend for Jackson??? ;)
Sleep: Waking up 1-3 times/night to pee, or just randomly I will wake up- and then have to pee lol.
What I miss: I'm starting to miss my regular clothes some.  And just getting around/bending over easily haha.
Cravings: Fall/pumpkiny things :)
Symptoms: leaky boobs (haha sorry- TMI!  They are also starting to get sensitive/sore again), BACK PAIN and rib pain, especially when sitting down.  Space is getting tighter for him in there and so I guess his butt and feet have nowhere to be except in my ribs, and tiredness is coming back. 
What I’m looking forward to: Stef's visit & my baby shower! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

4D Ultrasound!!!

So we went to Columbus yesterday.  Did some browsing (didn't buy anything really- just a new toy for the dogs lol) at Easton Mall, ate at Cheesecake Factory, went and got our elective 4D Ultrasound, and also stopped at a mall in Lancaster on the way home (we passed a Dick's sporting goods that Brew wanted to go to).   It was a good day :)

Here are the pics we got of our little guy! (Bear in mind these are "pics of pics" taken on my iphone so they aren't the greatest, and they have a glare on them)

His lil smooshed face.  Lol he didn't like that the tech was shaking my belly trying to get him to move his hands out from in front of his face ;)

His adorable little profile

Sucking on his hand :)

Chubby cheeks!

I loved every second of it.  If you don't have the option for a 4D scan at your doctor or hospital I HIGHLY recommend getting an elective one.  It was really not expensive at all (considering I had to pay 3 times what I paid for this one for my anatomy scan AFTER insurance!) and it was so worth it getting to see him wiggling around in there.  :)  The consensus has been so far that he looks like his momma.  Which, I tend to agree (poor kid lol)-- he has that Greathouse nose, forehead, and cheekbones!  It did create this new sense of urgency in me to meet him though!!!  I don't want him to come now of course- he has a lot of growing to do still, but I cannot wait to hold my baby boy in my arms!

I am working on finding a way to convert the DVD we got to a format that I can edit.  When I get that figured out (and done) I will upload a video with some clips from the ultrasound so you all can see him in action! ;)
I figured it out!  Here it is! :)

Eleven weeks till my due date!  Can't wait! :)

Third trimester!

Yep- insane huh?  I am 29 weeks exactly today.  Starting my 3rd week in the 3rd trimester!  Whoa!!!

I've been slacking, as per usual, with my weekly updates on my blog  (Seriously- if you are interested- watch my vlogs on YouTube)

Here is a video I did of my belly progression throughout the first two trimesters...

And here's the vlogs for weeks 27-29!  (I haven't done 29 weeks yet-- I'll add it when I do!)

And here's the update thing for today :)

How far along: 29 Weeks
Size of Baby: Butternut Squash
Total Weight Gain: Officially hit the 20lb mark today!  Yikes!
Maternity Clothes: EVERYTHING.  Even my bigger medium tshirts are too tight now.  So I steal my husbands tshirts to sleep in LOL.
Gender: We're having a baby BOY!!!
Movement: Big big big rolls and kicks and jabs.  I've got one super active little man!  Ha, and I know this is only the beginning ;)
Best thing this week: Best thing was def. our 4D ultrasound we just got yesterday.  I'll do another post w/pics from it! :)
Sleep: Sometimes hard to get comfortable, and I wake up often either to pee or after nutty dreams.
What I miss: being able to sit for a while without it feeling like a knife in the back of my ribs (right side).  Pretty sure he's pinching a nerve.
Cravings: Still loving mexican, also all about apple/cinnamon and pumpkin things.  I'm soooo ready for Fall!
Symptoms: More leaky boobs (thankfully only at night.  I'm thinking I should go ahead and pick up some breast pads though-- just to avoid a potentially embarassing situation! LOL), back pain, occasional shortness of breath, and I'm tired more (though not quite as bad as the 1st trimester).  He's just getting bigger- as am I!
What I’m looking forward to: Having a day off tomorrow (yay for Labor Day) to spend with hubby.  Don't know what we're getting into but hopefully he will be able to put together the baby's crib at some point :)