Friday, August 22, 2014

21 Months Old!!!


I have a 21 month old!
It doesn't seem possible that in just THREE months (well, less than three as I'm writing this) I will have a 2 YEAR OLD!

Jackson has changed sooo much since his last "update" at 18 months.  He is now RUNNING, and he's talking even more.  He says way more words than I can count (learns new words everyday), and also says several phrases.

He is the funniest kid.  So much personality.  He is super sweet and cuddly too.  He never meets a stranger (aka he's a flirt!).  He can be strong willed at times but for the most part is pretty laid back.  He loves playing outside, playing with cars/trucks/whatever has wheels, sesame street (in particular- Elmo), books, coloring, and he's really getting into "pretend play".  He knows all of his body parts and we are working on teaching him his colors.  He is still nursing at this point- (weaning hasn't been going so well- more like not at all lol but that is for another post!).


I don't know his exact "stats" on physical size, but he's around 25lbs and 32in.  Wearing mostly 18mo clothes still; some 24mo & 2T depending on the brand.  He just recently outgrew his size 4 shoes so he's sporting 5s now.  And he is still in size 4 diapers.

One minute, I need to take this call... lol

He used the potty TWICE now!  We just introduced it and are starting with a super laid back approach.  He's not totally ready I don't think (and I wouldn't expect him to be- he's not even 2 yet), but he has shown some signs of readiness and plus he thinks the toilet is this really cool toy (aka we have to keep the bathroom door shut to keep him out of it!).  So we bought him an Elmo potty and let him sit on it whenever he's interested in it.  

Uh don't think that's how that works lol!

He's such a little stinker and I love this little boy to the moon and back.  Every day he amazes me with something new he has learned or picked up; and he brings so much joy to my life.  I love being his mama!

 Here is his video update I recorded on the 20th (day he actually turned 21 months!) and also a video composition of random clips of him taken throughout his 21st month (when he was 20mo old).