Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our puppy & other stuff...

Well our puppy is home!!! We decided on the name Duke. It just seemed to fit him well plus Brew & I BOTH liked it. Which if naming this puppy is any indication of how difficult it will be for us to name our kids then we'll have quite the challenge on our hands... But here are some pictures :)

He's still working on housetraining but so far he's been pretty good. I just have to be paying attention to him when he goes to the door cause he doesn't scratch or whine every time. He's getting the hang of it though. At night he sleeps in our bedroom, we just close the door to keep him corralled. He has a little doggie bed. (Ours is too crowded as it is- and there's no way he'd fit when he's full grown so we're not starting the sleep in our bed thing!) When I'm not home he stays in a crate, which he does well in. I just put him there so he doesn't tear stuff up lol. And he never pees in there either so that helps.

In other news... I haven't had any work yet (it's a slow time of year for subs). Last year I didn't work till mid-September. Which, we do ok with what Brew makes but I have a feeling after a week or two I'm going to get tired of sitting at home. Not that I don't have plenty to do. My to-do list is plenty big enough...

To DO:

- Wash Dishes (UGH this is never ending. I HATE doing this and try to talk my hubby into doing them as much as I can. I soooo wish I had a dishwasher!)

- Laundry (again, another ongoing project. Not only am I trying to keep up w/just our everyday clothes but also washing new sheet sets & blankets & off season clothes, etc. as I'm STILL unpacking)

- Finish wedding thank you cards (This is ALMOST done-- I just have to get some more envelopes cause I ran out for the last three, and mail Stef & Bas' from the post office since I don't know or have the correct postage)

- Unpack, clean, and organize guest bedroom/office (Where I'm at right now! It's coming along. I'm trying to get it straightened up and stuff by this weekend so we can move my dresser, bookshelf, and Brew's old bed in)

- Clean and organize our bedroom closet (yea it's kind of a jumble right now)

- Clean out the 3rd bedroom (this will require my dad's trailer and a place to put some of my uncles & grandparents' old furniture that's shoved in there now. I'm wanting to get it CLEANED so I can re-paint in there and we can use it for storage and the like. Eventually it will be the nursery whenever the time comes for babies :))

- Clean the rest of the house (because by the time I do all the above it'll be a disaster!)

- Finish my wedding scrapbook & work on my Thailand scrapbook (This is about the only fun thing on the list haha)

So yea, no shortage of things to do. I just need to find some motivation somewhere. About all I've wanted to do is sit on my butt or play w/Duke lol.

Alright well I need to get off here & get ready to go. I'm teaching clogging lessons for Teresa (from now till the end of the semester actually-- she has a Thursday night class)

Until next time... :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Addition

Well, this coming weekend we will be welcoming a new addition to our family!

He's a beagle/lab mix and he stole our hearts! <3 He's a very calm, sweet little guy. The only reason we didn't bring him home this week is because we're dog sitting for my parents while they are at the beach. (yea- the beach- without me!:-p lol) But yea I'm super excited to bring him home! He is currently unnamed but the names in consideration are: Sam, Duke, Jett, Bolt, and Coal. Brew is insisting on a "masculine" name (since we are going to have him neutered), so he nixed a lot of my cutesy names (like Barkley and Dudley...) but those five we actually came to a consensus on. We'll ask around & then on Saturday when we get him we'll know for sure what his name is.

Well the chickens done cooking so I'm going to go! (I'm making chicken enchiladas for dinner- yum!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good news/bad news

Good news- We have internet at our house!!! :-D

Bad news- My laptop was stolen out of our Jeep sometime Saturday night :( We live in a really safe area, and I normally don't lock our vehicles (though I also don't normally leave things like that IN them either, just forgot to get it when I got home). So that sucks major. We filed a police report but I'm not counting on getting it back. At least we still have a desktop computer.

On that note that's all for now- I'm headed to meet Whitney for dinner then clogging practice.