Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pet Peeve Rant

Ok so I have a few minutes during plan period today so I thought I'd post about something that happened the other day that really got under my skin.

Tuesday was my little brother's talent show at the high school. (Which he did awesomely clogging to "Wrapped Up in You") but when we arrived Mom and one of the other choir booster ladies (see- this shows how much I know her, I don't even know her name) were there taking money for admission. So I handed her my money and stranger-lady confirms with my mom that I am in fact her daughter and goes "So how's married life?" That doesn't bother me in the slightest, Brew & I both answer "It's good!" and are ready to move on and she goes "Any babies on the way yet?" Slightly taken aback we respond "No, not yet" and then she says "Oh well you guys are getting close to your 1 year now right?..." and then continues on to badger us about having a kid and making my mom a grandma. My mom is just sitting there quietly (I don't think she knows what to say lol. I know darn well she'd be thrilled to have grandbabies but she's also super good about keeping her nose out and letting us decide and not pushing us).

Meanwhile I'm standing there not knowing what to say to that and slightly pissed off. Am I wrong? Or is that a little rude? I mean we ARE trying for a baby, but nobody really knows that-- what BOTHERED me was that here this lady is, she only knows me through my mom, and I have no idea who she is, asking me extremely personal questions and badgering me about it. I know she probably meant well but I couldn't help but be a little offended. I just know that I would never dream of asking a perfect stranger if she was pregnant and when I got a negative answer, CONTINUING to bug her saying it's about time, and I need to be giving my mom grandbabies.

So let me know what you think... am I wrong for thinking she was being super rude? (Again, I'm sure that's not her intention, which is why I just let it go-- I just wanted to complain on here lol)

She isn't the first to ask though. But for the MOST part, those people that have asked I've at least known. And they usually STOP after the "no" when they ask if there are any babies on the way yet.

Speaking of which-- I should find out if my "no" answer was correct or not on Saturday. I'm stuck as to how to feel, so I just haven't been thinking about it as much. I don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed again, so we shall see. I also know that God always has His ways of reminding me to be patient and that things will happen in His timing, not mine, so I'm trying to keep that in mind as well. :)

Oh, and is it Spring Break yet?

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Stefani said...

No, she was rude...for all she knew, you could have a medical problem and not be able to..then it really would've been bad! Some people (esp mid-aged women) have a hard time thinking before speaking! Unfortunately, it only gets worse when you are pregnant and then again when you're a new mom. They feel the need to "tell you how it is" or ask you personal questions then criticize your answers. haha Welcome to the world of childbearing! ;) Love you and hang in there.