Saturday, July 25, 2009

one for july

Ok so it seems that I only manage to update this thing once a month. Maybe because my life hasn't really been that exciting or changed that much. That's ok with me though. I'm happy :)

So I'm officially approved to sub in Wood County. Still no calls or interviews or anything. That part is a little disappointing but I guess August isn't here yet. I wasn't counting on getting a job, because of the huge number of applicants, most of which more qualified than me, BUT I was hoping to get at least one interview, just for the experience/exposure. Oh well. I guess summer's not over yet, so we shall see.

I've been thinking about grad school and what I want to get my master's in. I have decided I will probably do Special Education, though I haven't decided what to specialize in. I think gifted education would be so much fun...but depending on the job situation I may get it in multicatigorical special education. We shall see. I am not taking any classes this year. I want to take some time off school in general, and keep up with the job search, and save money.

Money is daunting to me. I usually do a good job as far as knowing what I have and pay and getting things paid on time. But here I am 23 years old, living at home, the only expenses I have are my $171 monthly car payment, fuel, and stuff I do/need for myself. Yet, I manage to have a little over $1,000 total in my checkings AND savings accounts. I feel like I can't make any headway. I think not working much last semester kind of hurt that too. Anyone have any ideas? Other than planting a money tree... It just worries me because I do want to move out but sometimes I don't see HOW I'm going to afford it. Even now with babysitting I'm bringing in $320 a week. It just seems to disappear... I guess part of it is because I never took out a student loan. But I just find myself thinking of other people my age, with a job that pays the same or less, and wonder how they have the money to pay for rent, utilities, car payments, gas, groceries, cell phone, car insurance (which mine if I were to get my own policy would be around 190/month!), cable, etc. and still have money left for entertainment purposes. It's beyond me.

Hmm so I didn't mean to go off on a rant there. Oh well.

I have another future blogging idea... but I will save that for later :)

That's all for now!