Sunday, May 30, 2010

One month to go...

Well, actually a little LESS than a month! I'm getting super excited. I think we have everything ready, it's just the act of putting it all together that lies ahead (and makes me a slight bit nervous). I'm really not nervous at all about actually getting married. Just pretty psyched. (Haha there's a 90s word for you!)

House is coming along slowly but surely. The kitchen is nearly painted. We're waiting on a new range hood to arrive before finishing the painting & working on countertops and cabinets. I'm hoping tomorrow we can take up some carpeting (haha I can be destructive ;) )

The other day we put a new light fixture in the kitchen and took a picture. LOL I never thought we'd be excited over a light fixture! Here it is! Haha...

Well that's all for now... more soon

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Passing some time...

So I have a double plan period today, which is nice when you are a full time teacher, but slightly boring as a sub. I actually have this job all week. Teaching PE and Art. Pretty easy gig. But needless to say, I'm a little bored sitting here...and school computers don't allow facebook or anything so here I am!

As far as house progress goes, we haven't made much more progress since my last post. I started on the kitchen- wiped down walls and managed to get the dining area part primed. But I haven't had much time to work on it since. I've been workng during the week and then my weekends keep getting packed full of things to do, between work at the Y and other stuff. I'm hoping maybe to get over there this evening but that's about the only time I'll have till next week. My uncle is slowly working his way through his stuff to move out. I'm anxious for him to get out so we can start getting our stuff in!

Speaking of which.. there's only 39 days till I'm a married woman! =O Yikes! I'm super excited though! We pretty much have all we need done. Our cake topper came the other day :) It's a silver cross w/two rings interlocked in the center. Pretty simple but that's what I wanted. I'm not a fan of the cliche bride & groom or goofy hearts and tulle and what-not.

Brew's job search still continues. He was offered a pretty good job at Orkin, however he can't take it. It's pretty much 100% commission and no benefits. Which, if I had a full time job, he would've taken because he thinks he'd be good at it and probably make a lot of money. But unfortunately I don't, so it's hard enough budgeting w/one variable income- we couldn't do that w/two.

We've also started sort of looking at a new vehicle (well, a new used vehicle lol) We want something 4-wheel-drive, either an SUV or a truck depending on what deals we can find. We have a pretty strict budget though because we can't have the payments being much more than Brew's car payments are now. So we'll see, we're not in a hurry, as a matter of fact it'll most likely be after we're married.

Ok well I've run out of things to talk about... so until later!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More house progress...

Got two bedrooms primed & painted today!!! Now all that's left to paint is the kitchen! (And, the 3rd bedroom, if my uncle ever gets his stuff out lol)

Got some more pics, these were taken w/my cell so they aren't the best, but...

Here's the guest bedroom before:

Gotta love the dark 1960s paneling LOL

And the guest bedroom after:

Much brighter in there & pretty light blue!

And our bedroom before (this pic was taken before Darren moved out)

Our bedroom after a new coat of paint! (this is like a springy green, will match our quilt bedspread)

Yay! :) Next on the list- is the kitchen (that will be a big job- wipe down walls, painting walls/ceiling, sand & paint cabinets, put new countertop laminate on) taking up the carpet & cleaning the wood floors throughout the house, and re-doing the bathroom floor.

It's coming along!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Little things...

Well the last of my "little things" purchases arrived today.

From oriental trading I ordered bubbles (because I don't want to find birdseed in my bra LOL)...

I also ordered personalized napkins...

flower petals

and our wedding flutes! :) Personalized as well of course. :)

I got them all at a really good deal too, so if there's anyone you know that is getting married, they are the place to shop through! :)

We also had our first meeting w/our pastor today for pre-marital counseling.

It's getting closer!!!! And I'm getting *SUPER* excited!!! Tomorrow there is no school (election day) soooooo we're doing another day-long painting day! Hoping to get the bedrooms done, which means after that, all that's left is the kitchen!

More soooon!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Progress on the house!!!

Ok so we have made some progress on our house! :) Lots of cleaning, and now we're in the painting process.... here's the living room before:

Here's a pic from my cell phone after we finished painting... it's not the best, I will take some pics w/my real camera after we totally finish...

You can't really tell from the pic, but this is actually the paneled wall on the left, we primed & painted over the 1960ish panelling :) And-- the wall color is like a medium beige color.

Next on the agenda for the LR and Hall is to take up the carpeting (there is hardwood floors underneath!)

Oh and I'll leave you with a cute pic of Miryan helping paint ;)

Many more to come!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Our Engagement Announcement :)

Our announcement was in the Parkersburg News & Sentinel on Sunday May 2!

In other news... Friday officially begins Operation House Makeover! lol. Yes, we're starting to paint! I'm going to be sure to take some "before & after" photos of the house & will put them on here and facebook. The colors we chose were... for the living room & hallway a beige color (neutral), for our bedroom a pale spring green (matches our quilt bedspread), for the kitchen a pastel yellow, and for the guest bedroom a sky blue. We haven't picked anything for the third bedroom yet, right now it's being used to store the stuff that belongs to my uncle that is still there. Eventually, we might use that as an office and will paint it when that time comes. (For now we'll be keeping our computer & stuff in the guest bedroom). I'm super excited!

My list of stuff to do is forever growing. Honestly most of it is unrelated to the actual wedding. That's pretty much under control. I desperately need to clean my room & do laundry. And with that cleaning comes getting rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need before the move. I also have one scrapbook to finish and one to start. And all the stuff we need to do to our house before moving in. It's going by fast though... only 52 days! <3>