Furry Kids

Meet our two oldest "children", Earl and Duke!

Duke is our oldest, a beagle/lab mix.  
We got him two months after we got married in August 2010.  (He was born in July.) 
He's a HUGE bundle of energy!
He also is our sweetheart dog and very loving!
He loves playing outside, going for walks, playing with Earl, 
cuddling (yes, our 50lb lap dog!), playing fetch, and camping!

Our youngest dog, Earl is a beagle and (we think) blue tick hound mix.
He was born in August 2011 to my sister-in-law's dog.
He's a typical lazy hound dog-- but he still is a puppy and LOVES to play!
He's a sweet but ORNERY puppy!
He loves playing with Duke, eating, and chewing on his rawhides!