Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a quick update

I've been messing w/this site more & more, changing some things around. I added a section called "our story" under the about me, that's basically mine & Brew's story of how we met till where we are now!

Right now I've got a house video tour in progress. I filmed it but it's insanely long so I'm working on editing it, probably making it into two parts. But I put in some of the before pics and am just working on making it into something I can put on my youtube channel, then share with you all! So look for that, it's coming sooooon!

Things w/us have been pretty good. I've been working pretty regularly. I get my first *real* paycheck on Thursday (woo hoo!-- my first one only had one half day on it so it was like $50 lol)

We are starting the process of planning a trip to Europe! My cousin Stefani and her husband Bas live in Germany (near Luxembourg) and they are expecting a little girl in January! Brew & I get to be Baby Girl's godparents so we are hoping to go visit sometime in February to meet her! So we're pretty excited about that, (and praying we can pay for it haha)

While we're talking about looking forward to things, here's some thing's we're looking forward to in the next few months---

October 9- We're heading to Morgantown for the WVU v. UNLV football game!!!
October 10- We're going to the Bob Evans Farm festival, I'm clogging there
October 15- our niece Miryan's 3rd Bday!
November 13- We're taking my brother Mason and going to the WVU v. Cincinnati game!
November 25- Thanksgiving! ♥
December- Just the whole month. Love Christmastime!

Oh and we've decided that we're going to go somewhere for our 1 year anniversary. No idea where yet, that's going to greatly depend on money and someone to watch Duke, etc. I would like to go to the beach for a few days maybe. I don't know yet that's pretty far in advance- but we would like to take more than just a weekend trip (since that's basically the duration our honeymoon was).

Ok so I guess that's not much of a "quick" update but oh well. Going to get off here, as soon as the hubby gets home we're going to my inlaws for dinner. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun w/Picasa collages :)

click to see full size!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I added a little banner thingy :) A collage made w/Google Picasa!

Getting a slow start today...

So today I'm getting kind of a slow start at things. I've been up since 6:30 when Brew got up to get ready for work. I just decided to stay up after he left even though I'm not working. Duke was wound up and I didn't figure I'd get back to sleep anyway. Buttt, I've done a whole lot of nothing. I did fold some laundry but mostly I've watched some episodes of TLC shows through Netflix on our Wii :) Finally got that hooked up!

I was thinking of taking some pics of the house and putting up before & after pics BUT, most of the "before" pics I took were on my laptop that was stolen :-p I have a couple on my phone, and maybe a few on here. I think what I'm going to do is make a video of the house (like a tour) and incorporate some of the before photos into it that I do have. Now I'm not doing it until we at LEAST get the guest room finished set up. I'm getting ready to call mom though, I'm off this Saturday (from work at the Y) so I'm hoping we can borrow my parents truck & trailer and move some furniture!

Sooo Brew & I are considering getting an iPad.

Brew has an older laptop, and we have my desktop computer, so I think an iPad would be perfect for the entertainment/media side of things, which is what we'll use it for, because we already have two other computers to use for Office and things like that. What do you think? I'm probably going to score a gently used one from Ebay to keep the cost down. I doubt I will buy anything within the next couple of months but we're trying to decide if we should get an iPad or another laptop pc to replace mine that was stolen, OR if we should just forget it and save the money... Does anyone that reads this have an iPad? Is it worth it to buy one? Should we stick to getting another pc laptop? Or just forget it entirely? It's definitely a WANT not a NEED. And like I said it'll be a few months before we make any purchases but just wondering what you all thought.

And with that the dishes & laundry are calling for me (as usual) I'll post again soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall around the corner...

Well today is the first day of September! I don't necessarily have anything to really update you on... but since it's a new month I thought I should write something haha.

Things have been going well, I've made miniscule progress on the "to do" list from my last post. I've gotten some sub jobs! :) I worked a half day on Monday at Lubeck, and I worked today, the next two days, and 2 1/2 days next week at Franklin. I'm happy about that, I'm hoping I get lots of work coming up, we could use the money of course.

Speaking of which, Brew is working late tonight again. He likes his job but gets frustrated at the fact that he seems to get the shaft so to speak. Any late orders and stuff that comes in he has to take care of. Seems like the other two service reps get off on time or shortly afterwards whereas Brew probably works over more than he gets off on time. The paychecks are nice though. I told him that that sort of thing happens almost everywhere. People pick favorites for no good reason and sometimes you get stuck w/the crap all the time. I have a feeling though they are going to put a cap on overtime soon and if that's the case then I know he won't be working as late anymore lol.

Duke's doing well. He's pretty much into everything. I can't count the number of odd random things I've pulled out of his mouth the last couple of weeks. He has a knack for finding things that are not edible and wants to chew/eat them. He's doing ok on housetraining. He had a kick there for a while where he'd sneak through our bedroom closet to get to the 3rd bedroom (which is not being used for anything other than keeping some of my uncles' junk in still) and pooping. I've since baracaded the closet so he hasn't done that anymore. He's starting to go to the door too when he needs out and he has been making it through the night and when we aren't home w/out using the bathroom in the house. Sometimes he'll slip up, especially if I'm trying to do dishes or something and not paying attention, but mostly he's doing well. We're trying to break him of play biting and chewing on people. We're open to suggestions. We've just been smacking him on the nose but that doesn't really seem to phase him. I don't want him to play rough since we have young nieces and I just don't want to get any of that started. Overall though he's a pretty good dog :)

Alright I've rambled long enough-- I'll write more later when I have something more interesting to say LOL