Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quarter of a Century...

Well, that's how old I am now! Yesterday (the 4th) was my 25th birthday. It seems so strange saying I'm 25. Like I'm no longer in my "early 20s". And 30 is getting ever so closer. Yikes! The day BEFORE my birthday, I went to dinner with my parents, brothers, sister in law, my bff Nicole, and of course Brew. It was fun :) Mom got me a big stockpot (hurray!). And I also got giftcards and money from the grandparents :) My day was pretty much like any other day, though better than most Mondays. lol. I decided since I already had everything planned & ready for the day, I'd let myself sleep in and do some work at home before going to my first school (instead of my usual of going into the main gifted school- which is not really a gifted school, it's where the older kids go one day a week but it's also where all the gifted teachers officially work out of). Brew didn't turn the light on in my face lol and Duke let me sleep until 7:30. Then I got up and got ready & headed into work-- wearing capris cause we FINALLY had a nice warm day with temps in the upper 70s!-- My kiddos at my first school made me some really sweet cards :) Brew actually got off work ON TIME *miracle I know* and we went to a nice dinner just the two of us and Olive Garden. He got me a sweet card too :) (We aren't doing big gifts and stuff this year for birthdays-- with our trip to Europe and a camping trip planned this summer, we're trying to save some money!) All in all it was a good day. Unfortunately I'm a dork and though I brought my camera I didn't take any pictures (I know it's bad)... so sorry I won't have any of those! Upcoming things I'm looking forward to...

  • Spring Break (no explaination needed. lol. I'm babysitting 3 days out of break but I'm hoping to get my house cleaned AND clean out the 3rd bedroom finally.)

  • The Smit's visit at the end of this month. Super excited to see them again! (Especially Johannah :))

  • Brew's birthday is May 1. I'm thinking of cooking something yummy he likes and maybe having his parents and sister & her family over for dinner and cake and the like. We'll see how ambitious I get on that house cleaning stuff!

Oh and I didn't forget about the food posts. I'll do that as soon as I can get to it! Gotta get back to work now though, lunch break is almost over.

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Real Life Reslers said...

So glad you had a great bday and I love the new blog look!