Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm sitting here in my pjs and robe, drinking some chai tea, and having a hard time getting my thoughts together. Thus, the bulleted list:

  • Today is Friday!!! *yay*

  • Brew's job interview is today. *prayers please!*

  • I got a call yesterday from Criss Elementary. A few weeks back they lifted a freeze on a library position there. Mind you, I'm not certified but heck if they'll give me a full time job (and the tuition assistance) then I will get it! But nobody that applied had their library certification so I have a chance! I interview after school on Monday!!! Prayers are appreciated again, I'm trying not to get too excited- as I've had three other interviews last year for various positions and didn't get a job. But maybe this is the answer to my prayers. I don't know- I'm just telling myself that if it's the right job God wants me to have then I will get it-- if not he has something else in mind!

  • I finished reading the last Twilight book. Yeah I know I'm a little behind. It took me a while before I jumped on that bandwagon. Overall I thought the books were good- not necessarily living up to all the hype (I mean, they are NO Harry Potter lol)- but good still. Breaking Dawn (the final book) is probably my least favorite, though I can't pinpoint why... Anyway, I'm in need of a new book to read now. Any suggestions???

  • Brew and I are considering purchasing a new (or new to us) vehicle. We currently have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee (which I loooooove-- even though it only gets about 16mpg in town). We are still paying on it, we just bought it last August. We also have a 2002 Chevy Malibu, which was mine before we got married. It is paid for, so we aren't paying payments on it. It does fairly well on gas (upper 20s) so Brew drives it to work since he drives farthest. It is still running decently, but there is a leak somewhere and it takes in water everytime it rains. The check engine light is also on (and has been for quite some time) because of some evaporative emissions thing? No idea. Not to mention, it's got over 120,000 miles on it. Soooo we are thinking of possibly trading for a very fuel efficient car (Like maybe a VW Jetta, or a Ford Fiesta-- Brew does want a manual transmission). I just want to keep the payments relatively LOW and I don't want to take longer than a 3-year loan term. So we'll see. We probably won't do anything just yet, but if Brew were to get this job, or if I were to get a job, then we could afford it. So we're keeping our eyes and minds open to the idea.

  • I made a new dish last night. I bought these rice noodles from Wal-Mart. It was actually made for making Pad Thai, because the noodles came with the tangy-ish Pad Thai sauce. Rather than making the traditional Pad Thai, I skipped the egg, tofu, and bean sprouts, and instead added chicken and frozen stir fry veggies. It was yummy-- definitely a repeat! That's about the only "new" dish I've tried recently. I'd love your recipe ideas!!!

  • So glad it's Friday. This weekend, plans include a relatively lazy Saturday morning. Though I'm planning on hitting up the grocery store and J&Js Bridal (I have GOT to send my wedding dress in to be preserved. Mom paid for it/bought the kit for me for Christmas and I still have yet to send it in). Then in the evening, we're going to Brew's grandma's for his cousin's (early) birthday party (Pizza, cake, & games with the family!) Then Sunday it's the usual church & clogging practice.

Alrighty well I think that's about it for today. Adios!

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