Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a quick one...

To let you know how my interview went yesterday. I felt good about it, she made me feel comfortable and I didn't stammer or anything too awfully bad lol. I still am afraid to hope for the job. I've been praying that if it's in God's will that I get this job. But we shall see. Of course driving away I thought of a few things I should've mentioned. That drives me NUTS. *sigh* Oh well. She said she should have her decision made by the end of the week, so I'm betting if I don't hear by Friday, Monday, or Tuesday that I didn't get it. Keep praying though! I also applied for a gifted position (the one I'm subbing in now) I don't think anyone else in the county has their certification so I suppose I stand a decent shot at getting it. And just like the library position I will get my certification if it means I can get a job (or at least take the required amount of classes to work on a temp certification-- until I can transfer to a regular ed. position!) So that's that! Annnnd I need to get my things together and head to my first school for the day. (I'm at the gifted center now working on stuff) See ya tonight for Top 2 Tuesday! (Hopefully)

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