Monday, March 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Loving this song...

They both have amazing voices and sound perfect together!

{2} Baby Fever
I'm catching it. Big time. And now Brew is too. We may be doing something about that shortly :)

{3} Walk the dog
Whenever I can I try and take Duke for a walk after I get home from work. It gets his energy out and is much better behaved in the evenings :) When he was a little puppy, he would annoyingly get tangled up in my feet he had to be so close. Well that has recently changed. Now he's developing this lovely little habit of pulling. For a dog that's nearly 50lbs, he can REALLY pull with definitely more force than that. I have to PLANT my feet and pull back to get him to come back to me. So I did my research online and figured out some methods to break him of that. Starting tomorrow, walk time becomes learning time for Mr. Duke ;)

Tired after his walk :)

{4} Home Sweet Home
Brew & I have started casually house-hunting. A while back we went to the loan officer at the bank and she worked with some numbers and basically said that we would be able to afford a place somewhere between 60 and 80k. (We could be pre-approved for up to 95k, but you know how that works, they don't count the fact you have to pay bills and eat lol) She couldn't be more exact because since I'm a sub, they don't know how much of my income they will actually be able to use. She assured me that they would be able to use a percentage of what I made last year, so that's ok. With Brew's income alone we were approved for 65K I think. So we're looking in the 60-80 range. We want something outside the city limits (for two reasons, one we don't want to live in town anyway, and two, with this rural housing thing we can get 100% financing!) So we're taking our time looking around. We're hoping for it to be a "permanent" house for our family, so I'm being picky. I want it in a good school district as well. (Which there's only a couple I don't like in our county so it should be ok) It'll probably be either a fixer-upper or a smallish house with some build on potential. The place we are in now is great but there are some downsides. We don't pay rent (which is nice) but we also don't own the place either. So I don't want to do any improvements or anything to it because when we move out, we won't get anything out of it. And there's a lot of BIG expensive things that need done. It needs new windows throughout (single pane windows = $200+ gas bills!), new gutters/drainage, and the basement leaks water big time so like 3 walls need replaced in the basement. Of course it'd be nice if I got a full time job... then we could afford something even better :)

Ok that's all for now!

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