Thursday, March 24, 2011

Planning Period = blog time! least when you are a sub lol.

So, some good news, Brew has a job interview for a plant in Ravenswood (about 40 min drive from our house now). It's tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited for him. I hope it pans out, he's getting burnt out w/his job now and just wants a career. I hope this can be it for him. He's looking at almost twice what he gets paid now, so that's obviously good. We'll see though. Again, trying not to get too pumped before we even know how it will go. But I'll definitely be praying he has a good interview!!!

Well the 70 degree weather is gone and replaced by some much more seasonable 40-50 degree weather. Blah. I'm so over winter weather and READY to not have to wear a coat. And to wear capris and flip-flops.

Brew & I are going out tomorrow night for dinner. We need a date night, and I have a coupon for Olive Garden. Mmmm...

Alrighty well that's all for now!

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