Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love and Marriage

So on Saturday, Brew & I will have been married 9 months. That's almost a year! Crazy!

I feel like I've known Brew & he's been a part of my life forever... but I think since we've been married the time has just flown by. I'm looking forward to celebrating our anniversary. We won't be able to go to the beach, like I'd hoped. But we are planning on borrowing my parents' truck and his parents' camper and taking a camping trip, probably somewhere like Holly River. We decided to do that because 1- it's way cheaper. We only have to pay for gas to get there and the campsite. 2- We can go for a shorter time and it not feel like a waste. We're thinking a long weekend, like Thurs or Friday through Sunday. and 3- we can take Duke and not worry about a dog-sitter. I worried when we were gone in Germany that Duke didn't get the attention he's used to, with him still being a puppy, I think we'll wait another year or so before we abandon him for a week.

I truly am lucky blessed to have such an awesome husband. Oh trust me he's not perfect, he doesn't help much with housework, and he has all sorts of weird quirks and habits that annoy me (like piling his dirty clothes BESIDE the clothes hamper...) but he does work hard for us and loves me unconditionally. He still surprises me once in a while with something sweet (like a cute get well card when I was sick with the stomach flu... AND cleaned the kitchen for me).

An update on the baby thing-- we decided in the month of March we'd stop using all forms of birth control and just let it be. No baby this month though. One thing I realized though is that I definitely am ready, and I WANT a baby. I actually felt a little disappointed when my monthly visitor came right on schedule this month. But I don't want to obsess about it at all. Brew & I decided when God thinks we're ready- I will get pregnant. In the meantime we'll enjoy the "making" part LOL. I am not planning on telling many people we're "trying". Just the few readers I have here, my sister-in-law, and my cousin are the only ones that know. I don't know how soon after I will "announce" anything on facebook/the mass public, just that it'll be after we've told our family & friends. Look at me, getting ahead of myself again.

I'm going to throw a prayer request out there. Please pray that I will get a permanent teaching job this year. I've been blessed with lots of sub days this year (I might even get my 133 which = 1 year experience/seniority) but having a permanent job would just help us both EMENSELY. I would have a consistant income that will make getting a mortgage 37432897 times easier, plus I'd be making about twice what I did say, last year, subbing. I'd also be the one to carry health insurance so we wouldn't have to pay the $300 plus a month for Brew's insurance. Not to mention, I'd be able to have at least some paid leave when I do have a baby-- which would be nice because as a sub, I'll basically be taking however long I decide UNPAID. So those are just a few of the million reasons why I really want to get a full time job. Totally not picky about the school or even the position.

Alright speaking of work, I'd better get back to work. Bye!

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