Saturday, March 26, 2011

Job update

Well, Brew's interview went well-- the only downside is that all employees start out at $9/hour. ($3.75 less than what he's making now). With the extra ten minute drive time there-- we can't afford the paycut. Eventually he can work his way up to 15 or so, but who knows how long that'd take. Not to mention, benefits don't kick in until after 90 days. Which is going to be expensive since we're trying to make a baby. So if they do offer the job, he's going to ask for 12/hour and if they can't then he'll have to decline. Bummer.

I guess now we'll see how my interview goes on Monday... not holding my breath though. I got excited about previous interviews only to be disappointed. So I'm not counting on this-- I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed!

We've had a pretty lazy Saturday. We gave Duke a much needed bath. I say "we" because it turned into a 2-person job!!! (Needless to say, he is NOT fond of baths!) And here in a little while we're heading to Brew's granny's for a family get-together for Brew's cousin Macey's birthday! :)

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