Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ugh. Today has not been good. Really, the past 4 days.

It all started Saturday morning. I woke up with an upset stomach. Thought I was going to puke. I continued to feel that way throughout the rest of the day. We were trying to help my sis in law move back in to their house they evacuated when they (thankfully) found out that the river wasn't going to crest as high and their house would not have the foot of water in it that was projected. But I was next to useless. If I stood up for more than a few minutes I got that break-a-sweat-mouth-watering-I'm-gonna-barf feeling. I held off all day till about 7 or so in the evening when my stomach turned against me. I then spent the night, about every 2-3 hours in the bathroom throwing up (and also about halfway through the night, also had diarrhea)-- sorry if this is TMI-- so yeah.

Sunday morning I wake up and manage to keep some dry rice chex and sprite down. So I went on to church because the handbell choir was ringing. I even went to clogging for a bit (though I didn't dance much) I thought the worst was over at that point and was just weak from not eating and all that.

And then there was yesterday. I thought I need to start eating to get my appetite back and get my strength back as well. So I did. I still tried to keep it light, and I didn't hardly eat anything the whole day anyway. But last night- the diarrhea came back with a vengeance. I was up once in the middle of the night and early this morning w/it. Ugh.

I went to work anyway today. Why? Because I'm a long-term sub and it's a huge pain in the you-know-what to call off and try and get another sub. Not to mention since I'm traveling, I have no office or desk or classroom of my own so my lesson plans are- you guessed it- with me. So unless I'm like dying it's just easier to go to work.

So I made it through today, next to zero energy, never straying far from the bathroom. And then I got home, put on my sweats and relaxed. Well. I ran to the bathroom at one point and thankfully BEFORE I went to use it, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen I performed my STUPID act of the century. Completely submerging my LG Vortex smartphone in (thankfully clean) toilet water. Well I instinctively dove my hand in and snatched it out (lay off- I wasn't thinking about the fact I was sticking my hand in the toilet at the time.) I don't think it was in the water for even a whole second. After uttering a few choice phrases I realized as the screen was black that this was bad. Quick as I could I took off the case, outer cover, and took out the battery. I dried them best I could and stuck all of it in a bucket of rice, which it will remain for at least 24 hours.

*Sigh* Soooo STUPID. I am PRAYING that my phone will work again. My old phone is AT&T and we now have Verizon so I'm pretty much going to have to pay for another phone if this one craps itself. It'll be like flushing $200 down the toilet...

I'm trying to be optimistic though. I've found several people online who have managed to save their phones this way. Say a prayer for mine (and my wallet...)

I'm hoping looking back on this later I will find it funny...

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