Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday...

This week's topic- Top 2 Strange Addictions:

I have several strange quirks but these are probably two of my true addictions ;)

1. Making lists- This may not seem strange but it seems I can't do ANYTHING without making endless lists... I make to-do lists like they are going out of STYLE. Long term, short term, I do it all. I can't pack for a trip without making a list, for example... and the strange part is, most of the time (with the exception of the packing lists) I lose the lists, or forget to check things off. So why do I make the list to start with? Good question. My best guess is that it helps me to initially organize my thoughts. But who knows.

2. Sweet Tea- Ok I don't suppose that this is that strange, but it's definitely a major weakness of mine. There was a time when I had the equivalent of a large McD's sweet tea daily (it sometimes came from other places or was made at home). I've tried to cut back though, I know tea is good for you, but when you load it with sugar, not so much. Still, I hardly ever drink pop, and there's almost always a gallon of sweet tea in our fridge! (I just try to drink more water than tea ;)) Oh and I know some places it's only a summer thing, but in WV it's available all year long, and I drink it all year long!

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