Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday = serious discussion lol

Hey, so I thought I'd share with my few readers something that my husband and I are going back and forth on right now and that's about when we're going to [try to] have a baby.

So here's me- I have officially caught the baby-crazy bug. I don't know if it's because lots of my friends/people I know have either gotten pregnant or had babies recently, or what. But I can seriously not see a little newborn without this new and strange feeling in my stomach like "Oh my gosh... I need one". lol It's crazzzzzyyyy. I am just so ready for that next step. To make an adorable little bundle of joy with the love of my life. AND, I don't know but I've had this feeling that it's going to take a little while. As far as I know neither one of us have any issues with fertility or anything. At least no pre-existing conditions. But for some reason I'm just thinking it'll take a few months. Plus, I'm going to be 25 in a few short months and that's by no means old, but when I'd like to have 3 kids, a couple years apart, all before I turn 35, I'm going to have to start pretty soon. SO basically, I'm ready to in a month or two, start trying (So we're talking April-ish)

Here's my hubby's stance- He wants to have a house of our own at least, if he can't get a better job before having a baby. He says he's not sure if he's "ready" and is concerned about our finances.

Now, I have some of those same concerns, but my feeling is- in 5 years we could be in exactly the same situation. I may NEVER find a full time job. Brew may be stuck in his current job for who knows how long. And I don't want to put my life on hold because of that. I am confident that we can make it work.

*Sigh* I KNOW I need to suck it up and wait until he's ready. But it's just hard. I don't want to rush either but when you know what you want and are ready for it, it's hard to not get excited about it. And he mistakes my excited-ness and wanting to talk about it as "pressuring" him. Which I don't mean to at all.

I'm currently no longer on birth control pills. I was on a progestin-only pill (because of my family history of blood clots) but I am TIRED of it screwing up my periods, so I stopped it a couple days ago. When we originally first talked about it, we were going to start trying in 2 months. Buuutttt, now he seems kind of apprehensive about it, and so I don't know. Blah.

I guess I just need to pray for patience, right?

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Real Life Reslers said...

that IS a serious discussion! hehehe

I'd say though (and I hope this doesn't sound offensive!) that if you aren't taking birth control , you've already made up your mind! ;)

There are so many sides to the waiting until you have more money thing...but

everyone i've talked to says if you wait till you have enough money you'll never have them.

can't wait to see what you all decide!