Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just to clarify...

In my previous post I mentioned I was no longer taking the pill... BUT we are using other forms of birth control (aka condoms). I didn't want anyone to think we were actively trying yet, I'm just stopping the actual pill to get myself back on my normal monthly schedule :) It'll still be at least 2 months before we "try" without anything, possibly longer. My gyno said to wait a month using other bc ANYWAY just to be safe. So we are just going to take it month by month. Like I said it'll be March at the EARLIEST and honestly it wouldn't bother me to wait longer, that way we won't run into Christmas. My brother's birthday is the week before Christmas and that's not much fun. Or we could decide to wait until our first anniversary or even later in the summer or fall.

And actually, most people I know don't read this blog, only a couple, so we're keeping the baby-making plans on the down low ;)

I also realized how incredibly rambly and whiny I sounded in that last post. Next time I promise to give myself time to process/think before I just go typing away lol.

Until later! :)

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Real Life Reslers said...

Hello again! I didn't think you sounded rambly or whiny at all! I was confused on the whole pill thing though....hehehe