Wednesday, January 12, 2011


^ Thats what it looked like looking out my living room window around noon today! ^

Another snowday today... that's two in a row. Two days that I conveniently had jobs scheduled. Poo. But it's been nice being off work. I wish I could say I got a lot accomplished, but I didn't really. I managed to get the kitchen cleaned and get caught up on dishes. Which it was pretty bad but considering I had the whole day, it's not saying a lot lol. They probably will cancel school again tomorrow, at least I'm guessing. We're supposed to get some more snow tonight and I'm sure they haven't gotten the back roads treated yet. But we shall see. I'm hoping I know tonight :)

Today started off pretty lazy for me. I got dressed (in sweats lol) and spent the day gradually working on dishes, watching tv, and playing with Duke. I didn't even shower! Haha. I'm vowing to be more productive tomorrow though. My goal is to get all the clean laundry put away (which is overtaking our guest bed as I speak), AND get the living room cleaned. My pain in the butt puppy decides that he needs to make a mess in there daily. Especially when I'm not paying attention to him lol. I'm hoping to work some more on my brothers/sister-in-laws wedding scrapbook. I've been working on it since the end of August it's high time it was finished! But if we DO have school I'm willing to bed none of that will get done!

So I'm on the search for other blogs with neat topics to link to other bloggers (like the "try it tuesday" I did yesterday) I think they are fun :) And I'm finding more bloggers to stalk follow :)

I've also decided with this new year (and a new camera)- I'm going to start videoing more stuff. I kind of wished I'd of started it right after we got married BUT the new year is a good place to start right? I'm hoping to combine video of things we've done/seen/etc., along with pictures, and maybe some narration, into monthly video updates. We'll see how it goes! I'm excited about finding something new to get into, and it'll be neat to have more stuff documented :) I did an introductory-type vlog, go to my YouTube channel, to see it and other updates later!

Ok I'm going to end this incredibly disjointed blog now! Bye!

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Real Life Reslers said...

Hey there! I didn't have a very productive snow day either! Only thing I really did was hang out with my friend Alina and highlight her hair. And we used a cap on her super long and thick hair which took FOREVER to pull through the little holes!