Friday, January 21, 2011


Ok so I have a few things to actually update you on! :)

First of all- I'm now officially selling Avon! You can either ask me in person OR you can go to my Avon site online and order & have it sent directly to you! (I still get the sales credit- woohoo!) Anyway- head on over to My Avon Site!

Annnnd starting on Monday I have a part time, long-term sub position!!!! :D I'm not sure of the schedule yet- That's what I will find out on Monday, buuuuutttt I'll be working w/gifted kids!!! So exciting! The principal at the TREK (that's the intermediate gifted program site in Wood Co.) called me the other day & said that there are no subs in Wood Co. right now that are certified to teach gifted (except a few retirees that didn't want a long term) sooo she called some schools that have lots of gifted kids, one of which was the school I did my long term last year in Multi-Categorical Special Ed- and the principal recommended me for the job!!! (Super ego boost there! ;)) But basically they are looking to open a new position actually in the fall because the current gifted teachers are way over caseload (which she also mentioned seeing about getting me some training/tuition wavers/etc. and possibly my certification- big bonus!) The position was originally slated for a half day every day, but she is trying to get it worked out so that I can work 2 full days and 1 half day instead, that way I'm open to work at other schools when I'm needed the other 2 days (which means more money for me :)) But yea I didn't want to say anything before it was a definite and she just called me a couple hours ago and it's a GO! I'll write more when I know more, but I'm excited :) This might just be my "foot in the door" towards a full time position if they can help me get my certification! We shall see!!!

Right now I'm waiting on my hubby to get home from work. He's working late, as per usual here lately. Blah. When he does get home we are going out to Bdubs tonight. I do NOT feel like cooking (not to mention my kitchen is a mess. Yes, today was a snowday and I pretty much did NOTHING productive! I'm gonna half to buckle down this weekend because I'm getting tired of the mess!

Until later!!! :)

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