Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Favorite!

Today's Food Favorite is not my own, rather, it's a recipe I got from my friend Trinity's blog!  :)

It's a healthy alternative to french fries-- oven baked sweet potato fries!!!  I just finished polishing them off with my grilled chicken sandwich.  They are wonderful!!!  So without further adu...

Click here for Trinity's Sweet Potato Fries Recipe.

I seasoned mine with Paula Deen's Seasoned Salt and a little pepper.  :)

Confession- I dipped mine in ranch dressing.  Because, well, ranch is amazing and goes with everything.  And yes, I realize that probably canceled out any nutritional value in the sweet potato fries.  But it was yummy.  Annnnd- it was light ranch too so I think that counts for something ;)

I have thought about making a "Food Favorite Friday" and letting people link-up and share recipes.  Interested?  Comment and let me know!!!

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