Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well we're having a pretty good Labor Day weekend!  It's nice to have hubby & I both home- and he's NOT on call!  Yay!

Friday evening Brew did work late, so my friend Nicole and I went out to dinner and spent the rest of the evening planning stuff for our friend Abby's bridal shower, which was the next day.

Saturday morning we slept in until a glorious 9:30.  Even Duke let us sleep that long!  Then it was time for me to go and help get things set up/decorated/ready for my friend Abby's shower!  It went great!  Here are a few pics from the event :)

Saturday evening, Brew & I went with my inlaws on the Valley Gem Sternwheeler Dessert Cruise.  It's in Marietta, OH, across the river from WV.  It departed on the Muskingham River, then we cruised down to the Ohio, down around past the interstate bridge and island, then back.  It was about an hour and a half long, and included a super yummy chocolate lava cake dessert :)  (The only thing I didn't think to take a pic of lol)  Here are some pics from our evening!

It was such a nice and relaxing evening.  If you are ever in the Mid-Ohio-Valley area you should definitely check it out!  Comment if you want to know more! :)

Sunday was pretty uneventful.  We went to Sunday School & church, then lunch with my family.  Then we headed home for a while, walked Duke and did a few things around the house.  Then we headed out to my mom and dad's to watch the WVU/Marshall game.  Turned out it ended up being delayed due to lightning/thunderstorms right before the 4th quarter.  We went ahead home.  They resumed play in the 4th quarter only to have ANOTHER delay, and finally ended up just calling the game where it was, which WVU won (yay!) 

Today has been a lazy day as well.  We woke up around 9, then headed out to Panera for breakfast, went shopping for a pair of brown shoes I'll need for Abby's wedding, and we've been home loafing around since.  It has been raining non stop today, which stinks cause that means no walk for Duke (and THAT means a hyper dog!)  We're going to go to my inlaws this evening for dinner.  My sis in law and her family are also coming, which means I get to see my nieces :)

The only problem with 3 day weekends is they leave you wanting a 4 day weekend!

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