Monday, August 1, 2011

Dream House...

Ok maybe I shouldn't go as far as to call it our "dream house" but we found a house we absolutely LOVE. We saw it last Friday.  I actually know the people selling it.  I subbed a LOT for her last school year.  But it's a really great house... has pretty much everything we are looking for... and it isn't necessarily a "starter house".  We could seriously stay in this house indefinitely.

The only problem is that it is currently priced at about 10,500 above our budget.  Normally we wouldn't of even looked at it BUT... as I said I know the people selling it and they are very negotiable since they NEED to sell it soon... AND they are very dissatisfied with their realtor, and when their contract with her is up on August 8, they are not going to renew and instead do a "for sale by owner" deal.  Sooooo we are earnestly hoping that they can drop their asking price to what we can pay.  Because as much as we told ourselves not to get our hopes up-- we're both totally in love with this house.

If you want to see pics of it online, I'd be happy to send you the link- just comment with your email address and I'll send it to you!  I don't want to link it on here in case we do end up buying it-- then the world will know exactly where it is lol.

We should hear back from the credit union with our pre-approval, and then after August 8, we are going to make them an offer!  Eeek!

So yeah I'll keep you posted- fingers crossed everything works out with it!  (Though I know if it's the "right" house then it will...)

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Love Hope Faith said...

House hunting is so exciting! Good luck with everything! We put a offer in on our house and it was rejected. We went back with another and it was rejected again so we backed out because that was all we could afford and we were so upset. A week later they called with our last offer we made on the table and we took it :0) if it's ment to be you house you will get it. If not its prob because there is a better one around the corner! Keep me posted!!