Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our future house!

So we made another visit to our future house today!  Things are still going well.  The appraisal person is supposed to contact me Monday or Tuesday to set up the appraisal-- then we should be able to move forward with the loan and get our closing date!  Ahhhh!  :D  I'm super excited...  anyway, I'm now going to flood the remainder of this post with pictures of the house!!!

The front

Living room (view from front door)

Living room (view from hallway)

Kitchen!  And Brew's granny lol.

Dining area (of eat-in-kitchen)

Kitchen (view from back door)

Our awesome back yard! :-D

Back deck (and my mom in law lurking back there lol)

Heading down the stairs (from the kitchen)

Family/Rec room downstairs (or, if you ask Brew, his "man cave")

Another view of the family/rec room... and my niece lol.

Garage (off of family room downstairs)

Other side of garage (used as laundry area)

The hallway (we're back upstairs now), with my other niece and mil :)

Main bath.  Love it!

Bedroom 1- the people who had this house used it as an office.  This will be our guest room for now, until we have kids

Another view of Bedroom 1- nice big closet
Bedroom 2- We'll use this one for our baby's room (when we get there lol)
Another view of Bedroom 2


Walk in closet in Master bedroom!!! :-D

Half bath off of Master bedroom

Another view of the half bath- very funny w/the bunny ears HONEY :-P

One more view of the master bedroom
Outside view of house/garage :)

 Yay!  So excited to move in!  (Not so excited about the payment LOL, but I guess you'll have that ;)  I've been feeling better about the money stuff.  I need to trust God that He will help provide for us!  That and I will have good steady work at least starting the year out.  :)

And I'll leave you with a pic of my adorable nieces.  We went to the Homecoming parade this afternoon :)


Love Hope Faith said...

Such a nice place :) Congrats!!

Real Life Reslers said...

The house is awesome!!! so much space!