Monday, August 8, 2011

House disappointment

So thought I'd give you an update on the two houses we really liked (scroll down below, I think I talked about them in a post called "dream house")

Anyway, first there was the one that was close to my mom and dad, but probably not one that we'd stay in permanently.  It's a split-level in a subdivision.  We liked it though, but when we told family and friends about it we learned that the subdivision was actually built on top of an old landfill.  Which if you don't know causes problems because there is almost constant "settling" of the land-- which means lots of foundation issues and such.  If not now then most definitely in the future.  So we kind of nixed that one.

Then there was the PERFECT house.  Seriously the only thing I wasn't crazy about was the elementary school district but with me being a teacher I was willing to work with it and send my kids out of district if needed.  We were in love with it.  It had everything we needed AND wanted, and wasn't too far out of reach with our budget.  And we knew the people selling it.  Unfortunately, the day before their contract with their realtor ran out (when they were going to sell it ourselves and were more negotiable on price), someone put a full price offer in on it.  I just found out this morning (which coincidentally, pending our pre approval coming back, we were ready to make an offer today).  We are both super bummed.

I suppose that's just the way it goes- I knew going into it we'd run into these kinds of things.  It's just discouraging.  Especially when you think you've found the perfect house and at the last minute it gets taken out from under you.  I tried not getting my hopes up but obviously- it didn't work.

So we're back to square one.  We're going to drive by, and possibly look at a couple more this week.  And we're going to try and keep on top of For Sale By Owner listings in our local free classified listings.  Pray it goes well for us-- we aren't under any real deadlines-- but it'd be nice to celebrate Christmas in our new house...

I can't remember if I posted on here or not- but I have a long-term job at the beginning of this year for a teacher going on maternity leave (I'll be sure to drink plenty of the water there- maybe that'll do the trick ;)  haha)  Anyway, it looks like I could be starting next week!  I'm excited about it- though not as much as I would be with truly my OWN classroom, I will be able to start the year off with these kids, so that'll be nice.

Can't believe summer is almost over!

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