Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July synopsis... and other stuff

So I was going to do a post about my 4th of July weekend, but I'm a big loser and didn't take ANY pics.  We had a good one though, we went to my sister-in-law's for a cookout.  It was nice to spend time w/our family :)  We didn't end up going to any fireworks, but that was ok.  I didn't particularly want to fight the crowds to watch our relatively pathetic display we have here in town lol.

In other news... today has been kind of a discouraging day.  First I'll preface by saying I've been sick now for a week in a half.  I'm sure it's a sinus infection, and it sucks.  Wednesday (about a week after my first symptoms showed up) I went ahead and made a doctors appointment because at that time I knew if it was a cold it'd be getting better rather than worse.  Well the best time she could work me in was Friday at 3:15.  So I made arrangements with the people I babysit for to be done at 2:30 to get there in time.  Well a little after 10 the receptionist called me and said that she'd have to cancel my appointment because the nurse practitioner had to go to Charleston.  Great.  And she couldn't work me in any other time before Monday.  I do NOT want to wait until Monday.  So I'm going to have to pay twice my normal co-pay to go to Quick Care first thing tomorrow morning to get an antibiotic.  But as I said I don't want to wait anymore.  I had such a massive sinus headache on my way home I was near tears... I forget what it's like to breathe from my nose... and my abs are sore from coughing.  I'm so over it.  So after that disappointing crap this morning- we went to go look at that house.  The one I had gotten my hopes up about even though I said I wasn't going to.  And it's going to be a no-go.  Though I was expecting a bit of work (and there was some needed), there was a big problem that even the realtor hadn't seen until today.  Their is major mildew in the kitchen.  This is because the house was originally a garage apartment so the first floor is concrete block.  So with all the moisture from the nearby creek & rain and such-- the blocks sweat.  Now, if we lived in the house and ran the airconditioners or dehumidifiers we could keep it at bay probably, but it'll literally be a lifetime battle that we just aren't up for.  So yeah, not going to work out.  :(  The whole house thing frustrates me to no end.  We can barely find what we NEED let alone what we want for what we can afford.  Which then leads back to the fact my husband works his tail off for $12/hr and I'm still stuck subbing without a full time job.  I know I know we should be thankful we have jobs and have a place to live-- but it doesn't make this easy...

And I probably would be fine about the house thing if it wasn't for the fact that I feel like poo. 

My day wasn't totally terrible though-- I did get to Skype with my cousin Stefani & little miss Hannie Jeane.  Miss them like crazy & it was great to "see" them :)

Tomorrow is a jam-packed day for me.  Quick Care in the morning, clogging show in late morning/early afternoon (which I probably should go home and rest but actually my nose will clear up a bit with some exercise and I can barely sleep at night let alone nap!) then home to shower & get ready and head to my friend Whitney's wedding! :)  I'm registering guests so I'll be there an hour beforehand... Brew'll be there around the actual start time.  I'm excited for her! :)

Then hopefully by Sunday I'll have a dose or two of antibiotics in me and be feeling well enough to clean my DISASTEROUS house.  No exagerration it's contributing to my poor mood for sure.  But between Brew working so much this week and me feeling like poo, it's bad.  The dog got ahold of a roll of paper towels while I wasn't paying attention to him-- you can guess what happened to that, and it's all over my living room floor, along with his toys.  The end tables and kitchen tables and counters are piled with junk, my sink is heaping with dirty dishes, and we won't even talk about the laundry that's everywhere!!!  Yeah, so Sunday hopefully will be devoted to cleaning (after church & lunch of course).

Ok I guess you've probably had enough whining for today so I'm gonna go... Until later!


Real Life Reslers said...

I hope you feel better soon! We are cleaning around here today definitely! We're going on vacation with my family next week and some friends will be house/dog sitting. I don't want them to think we are total slobs, so I guess I'll have to get my butt off this computer chair and do something!

Love Hope Faith said...

Sinus Infections hurt so bad! Hope your doing well now!