Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July plans, a cold, and house-hunting

Yeah this will be a random post-- in case you couldn't tell from the title lol.

So we did a drive-by of a house today.  Actually it was a foreclosure and obviously nobody was living there so we did the creeper-window-peek as well!
I love it already.  Slightly less than 1 acre of land, out of town, plenty of room, in one of the school districts we want to be in, 4 bedroom PLUS an office, and 2 bath!  It's not a HUGE house, but it's exactly what we want/need.  The outside needs a bit of work- could use power washing, and needs some gutter work and landscaping stuff.  But from our creeper-window-peeks it looks nice on the inside.  AND THE BEST PART IS THE PRICE!!!  They are asking wayyyy below our budget in a real comfortable price range, and way less than what I would think the house would be worth!  I'm trying not to get too excited just yet-- we haven't seen the inside or anything; it might be too good to be true.  But Brew called the realtor & left a message.  As soon as we hear back, we are going to go look at it!!!

In other news... I'm sick.  What I thought at first was just my allergies has become a full-blown head cold.  Ugh.  Stuffy/Runny nose, congestion, caugh, the works.  Blah.  Thankfully I haven't had a fever, but with all my other symptoms I've had a hard time sleeping well.  I did some quick research and found out the cold medicines to stay away from if you are pregnant.  I'm not pregnant now, but since we are trying I thought we couldn't be too safe.  So basically I'm relying on these:

Yeah.  Not fun.  And one of my good friends Whitney is having her bachelorette party tonight.  I'm trying to keep myself drugged enough that I can have a decent time and not be completely miserable!  What a way to spend a holiday weekend. :-P

Speaking of holiday weekend... our fourth of July should be fun!  We're going to my sister-in-laws; she's having a cookout.  I'm bringing my flag cake (which I will do a food fave post for that later)  We may go to the fireworks in Ripley later, too.  I'm looking forward to seeing my nieces I haven't seen in a while (they've been on vacation in FL)

Well that's all for now, in case I don't post before then, hope everyone has a safe & happy 4th of July!

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Love Hope Faith said...

Great House! Good luck with it! :) My boyfriend and I recently purchased a foreclosure. Very exciting!