Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stuffed like a turkey...

Hey! Well I'll give a quick recap of Thanksgiving-- it went great! The Deans came out to our house in the afternoon & everyone had a good time, ate plenty, and my dog was well behaved :) (I was so proud of him. LOL. I was afraid he'd be incredibly hyper w/everyone here, but he was really good) Then later in the evening I continued to eat myself into misery at my mom & dads with my family. Whew. I wish I'd of thought to take a few pics but I didn't. I need to get better w/that!

Yesterday was black Friday, so I went shopping w/the "Dean women" lol. It's a tradition w/them. I didn't really get a whole lot, and honestly probably wouldn't go if it were just me, unless there was something on sale I realllllly wanted, but it was a lot of fun hanging out w/my mom-in-law, sis-in-law, and aunt and cousin-in-laws. :) Needless to say though after getting up at 4 and being at Walmart by 5am-- I was ready for bed EARLY last night. (And we did go to bed at like 9 lol) Brew went hunting while I went shopping and shot his first "real" buck (an 8-point!) So looks like we'll be getting some deer meat before long!

Annnnd today after I got home from working at the Y, we decorated for Christmas! I was super excited about this since it's OUR first Christmas :) Brew hasn't gotten the outside lights up yet but here are some pics from today (linked from facebook!)

Well, I know I haven't done my things I'm thankful for, but this post is pretty long, and I'll be getting ready for bed soon so I will catch up on that later!

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