Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another week in Kindergarten...

Yep the title says it, I'm subbing another week in Kindergarten! :) This time, at a different school (Lubeck- last weekend I was at Franklin). I'm enjoying it, in both classes they have a great aide and just really good, organized teachers. The kind of teachers who remember what it's like to sub and make my life sooooo much easier LOL. Right now kiddos are in gym and I'm on plan, hence the midday post.

It feels like this week is creeping by though. I think cause I'm looking forward to a day off Thursday. (Thanks Veterans :)) And then this weekend Brew & I are taking my little brother (Mason, he's a senior in h.s. this year) to a Mountaineer game! I'm praying that WVU has improved during this last by-week because I would LOVE for them to win when Mason is there, he's never been to a WVU game, annnnd, they are hardcore recruiting him & offering him scholarships, so I'm going to encourage him to go. If I'd of had the means without going into serious debt I would've gone somewhere like WVU. My little brother is super smart AND a good student so he's got a 4.0 and just scored a 31 on his ACT (sickening, I know lol) but yea I'm looking forward to that this weekend!

I'm coming up with all sorts of ideas to blog about. I'm going to have to start a list so I don't forget anything! I've been watching a lot of vlogs lately, but I'm doubting I get into that. Just something about watching/listening to myself lol. I did that house tour video and may do more things like that, but I'm not sure I can get into that all the time. I much prefer writing :)... well, typing I guess.

Ok back to my thankful list...

8- I'm thankful for my close friends. Yes. Extremely generic, but I don't want to name everyone for a separate post, so I'll name the ones I'm thinking of now... Nicole, Abby, Whitney, Teresa, and my friends that qualify as "family" now too, my cousin Stefani, and my sisters in law Mandy and Amanda. These are the people that are there for me and that I can talk to about anything. Love you all!


9- My job. Yes, I complain because I'm "just a sub", but I realize my job is important as well, and though I'm constantly searching and applying for full time positions, at the same time I appreciate the conveniences I also have of subbing, in that I don't have to write lesson plans or take work home to grade/prepare. I can take any day off I want (I just miss the chance to work & earn money). But I also have a job, which many people aren't fortunate enough to say even that, and not to mention I've been getting good, steady, work so far this year and for that I'm very thankful! I like getting to know different kids, and getting to know some of them very well since I sub primarily at the same few schools. :)

Alrighty well the aide was taking the kiddos straight to lunch so it's time for ME to eat lunch now!

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