Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Few of my favorite things...

So one of my blogging ideas was to do a few "favorites" posts. Now I won't be able to do one like every month because- I'm a creature of habit & poor as well so I don't buy a lot of new things every month or week or whatever. I watch a lot of these on peoples vlogs but since I mentioned before I'm not a fan of hearing/seeing myself, we'll stick to it this way. :)

First I thought I'd lump all the health/beauty related thingys into one post. Then later, I might do other categories, like food, or clothes, or whatnot... Soooo here goes!

1- Suave Professionals "Vibrant Shine" Shampoo & Conditioner

LOVE this stuff (and annoyingly haven't been able to find it at our Wal-Mart lately...) but it's cheap, it's got a lot of moisturizing/conditioners in it, which is good for my hair because my hair and skin tends to be on the dry side, ESPECIALLY in Winter. Yes I also just realized I wrote a run-on sentence but I'm not changing it LOL. Anyways, great stuff, and it's cheap so that makes it even better!

2- Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

My hair is naturally wavy, thick, and frizzy. Really "fluffy" is a good word to describe it lol. But a little bit of this stuff really helps smooth it out when I'm blowdrying it straight and/or flatironing it. It's affordable too, and lasts forever. I've been working on the same tube since like May and barely made a dent in it.

And still on the "hair" topic...
3- Sally Hansen Beyond the Zone "Noodlehead"

As I mentioned before, my hair is naturally wavy. Well I've always had a hard time making it look not fluffy/frizzy while trying to bring the wave out. Gels and mousses make my hair stiff and weigh it down so it just looked stiff & frizzy still. But this stuff is like the consistancy of leave in conditioner. It really brings the curl/wave out without weighing it down or making it stiff. I used it ALL the time in the summertime (when my hair was both long AND it was ok to go outside w/my hair still pretty damp) But it's great stuff, if you have that hair type it's definitely worth it.

Moving on to skin stuff...

4- Equate "Absolutely Beaming" Daily Moisturizer w/SPF 15

This is the generic of Aveeno's Positively Radiant Moisturizer, so that's probably like the same thing, this was just about $5 cheaper! LOL. I use it every single day though because again, my skin tends to be a bit dry, especially in the winter, but it also has a sunscreen in it, which I need as any fellow redheads reading this will understand!

5- CVS advanced healing body lotion

Works great on really dry skin!

6- Softlips Lip Balm

Best. Lipbalm. Ever. LOL- it smells good, feels good, moisturizes well, and has an spf. They have lots of different "flavors", vanilla is my favorite though!

7- Loreal Bare Naturale Mineral Makeup

I tried this because my cousin raved about the Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup, and I didn't want to pay that much for it, so I went w/the cheaper Loreal version. I really like it, it covers imperfections well while still feeling super light. Which is good, because I don't even wear makeup everyday, so I don't like the feeling of heavy makeup. It's great!

8- CoverGirl Professional Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is one thing I do wear pretty frequently, and this stuff is really good. It like NEVER clumps, goes on really smooth, not cakey. Just overall really good. It's waterproof but it will come off fairly well w/regular soap & water. Used it on my wedding day :)

9- St. Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub

I like this stuff because it cleans well, has a "blemish fighting" ingredient (which helps me because even though my skin is usually fairly dry, I will still get that lovely female-monthly breakout LOL) but it's still gentle and moisturizing. Good stuff, and affordable :)

10- Victoria's Secret Dream Angels- "Heavenly" Angel Mist

This is probably the most expensive thing on here, but it's ok cause I don't wear perfume everyday. This scent is amazing though, my husband LOVES it perhaps more than me! It's not really flowery or fruity or musky, I honestly cannot explain it, you'll have to just try it next time you are in Victorias Secret. I buy the Angel Mist rather than the actual perfume because it's lighter and cheaper too.

Alrighty, I think a perfect 10 here is a good place to end. That's about all I have, however, if I ever find anything else great & wonderful I will blog about it! :)

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