Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"hump" day...

Hey everyone! So I'm working today & since I'm not usually in this position at this school I don't know where the lunch crew would be soooo I'm eating my lunch in my room :) Hence the blog post. Honestly I probably shouldn't be working. I've had a stupid cold for like a week now. Brew & I BOTH have/had it. Now it's moved to being a sore throat/caughing/losing my voice thing. Blah. But I couldn't turn down a job, especially at Franklin (like this school) and since it's for a reading specialist I figured it'd be easier on my voice seeing as how I'm only working w/small groups. But anyway, hopefully I'll be over it by Thanksgiving!

Which I opened my big mouth & said "sure we can do thanksgiving here!" (meaning my house) sooo the whole Dean clan will be at my house for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, I'm not doing most of the cooking. Brew's aunt Laura is providing the majority of it, she just wasn't able to have it at her house this year as usual. Soooo I'm making my cheesy potatoes & pumpkin pie. And just helping w/the rest! But that means that I have a week now to get my house cleaned. Like really CLEANED. And it's probably going to take me a whole week :-p I'm working today & Friday for sure, not sure about tomorrow yet. But next week is Thanksgiving break so I should have enough time to get everything done.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'll give a little recap & then add my things I'm thankful for for the past 3 days...

Here's my list so far...
1. My husband
2. My parents
3. My parents-in-law
4. My siblings & siblings-in-law
5. My nieces
6. My extended family
7. My church
8. My close friends
9. My job
10. My health
11. Our troops & veterans
12. Music
13. clogging
14. My hubby's job

and now today's additions....

15- My puppy, Duke. Yes he's incredibly rambunctious and annoying. And he destroyed a pair of my heels. BUT I love that little dog to death. He really does have a way of making bad days better ;) I'm glad we got him, he fits in w/our little family perfectly!

16- The United States of America, and everything it stands for. I think we all forget sometimes just how blessed we are to live in a free country. It's not perfect by any means, and maybe I'm biased, but I certainly wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

17- My state, West Virginia. West Virginians have a horrible reputation in our country. I'm sure people from out of state assume we're all toothless, barefoot, hillbillies. And well, there are plenty of them here LOL, but that aside, not only is our state a beautiful one, when it comes to seeing God's creation, but the people of this state are like no other. Especially as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate and embrace being a part of the appalachian culture. Again, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. :)

Alrighty well I'm gonna finish up my lunch & get ready for my next group of kids. Adios!

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