Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quick update

I'm sending this from my phone. I have a double plan at work today so for a sub that equals free time! Anyway as you can see I survived yesterday (as did Brew lol. He drives me nuts sometimes but I love him & we can't stay mad long.

Anyway, some awesome news...yesterday I wrote about a job opening at csx railroad in st albans that Brew was going to apply for, well later yesterday evening a Parkersburg position posted! So he applied for it last night. I am really praying that this is the right job (career) for him. So if you can please pray that if it's His will that Brew will get this job! He would enjoy the job itself not to mention it would be a tremendous financial blessing!

Ok well I'm quickly tiring of typing on my phone so I'm off! I will write again tonight!

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