Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Proud Puppy Mom

Yep that's me!  So Duke went to his first obedience class yesterday evening.  As you could probably tell from my previous post, I was nervous. 

But I had little to worry about!  First of all Duke was NOT the worst-behaved dog there (like I was afraid of).  There was another dog, that was an adult dog that was pretty bull-headed and the trainer had to be really tough on him/her.  But Mr. Duke did great! 

I admit I was a bit nervous about the choke collar that's used.  It kind of seemed cruel to me at first.  But the trainer showed us all to use it properly.  And guess what- it worked!  I was afraid it wouldn't with Duke because usually that sort of thing doesn't much.  As far as worrying about it hurting him, I honestly don't think it does.  It gets his attention for sure, but he NEVER yelped or anything that would make me believe it hurt him.

They learned how to "heel" first.  At first he was pulling me around like he does without his no-pull harness.  The trainer stepped in and showed me what to do, I did it, and BAM.  My dog knows how to walk beside me without pulling!  It's amazing.

Anyway, it went great, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the classes.  I think this is really going to help.  Not just with him learning basic things but also help him to respect me more and to listen better.

Right now he's begging for a walk so we're going to go practice :)

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AmyLee said...

i LOVED going to obedience classes with my dog... it's so fun to see them learn & when they are well behaved they are so much more enjoyable as pets :)