Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Warmer weather...

Hey friends! :)  I know I've not been doing well updating often, but I'm about to post like 3 in a row so maybe that makes up for it???

Well since the weather's been warmer, and I've had a few days off- (for a little while I was working every single day)  I've had time to tackle a few things I've wanted to for a while.

First- I'm trying out my brown green thumb and I actually have flowers.  Surprise!  They are looking good!  LOL.  (Those that know me well know I'm no gardener.)  Though I was unable to put a flower bed or vegetable garden in.  (Those are long term goals haha)  This year I got a few hanging flower baskets to pretty up my otherwise white-trash looking porch.  (Sorry if that offends anyone-- but well, obviously the broken screen door propped open by a broom isn't the nicest looking set up LOL)


Next- I actually did this a few months ago but never posted the final product.  I made this collage of pics from our honeymoon with Picasa, ordered a 11x14 print from Shutterfly, used a frame from Wal-Mart and a cute decal (that says- "Always Kiss Me Goodnight") from the dollar tree of all places.  I literally have less than 10 bucks in this and I love it!  <3  It's in our bedroom :)

And lastly, I reorganized our bedroom closet.  Our closet is shared with the 3rd bedroom (which currently has a bunch of random junk belonging to my uncle and us in it-- but will eventually be a nursery when that time comes)

Before, we had just been using the entire closet for our stuff.  Well, I bought those plastic drawer carts for some of our clothes, shoes, hats, purses, belts, etc, and also used some milk crates on the left (you can't see them) for things we seldom to never use, and on the right (again, behind the wall- can't see it) I have our bigger duffel bags and stuff stacked.  So we were able to consolodate our clothes to one rung, and I'm planning on buying drawer carts for the other side as well, whenever a baby does come along, and doing the same for their closet. :)

So I still have lots of things that I want to accomplish around here, but at least I've gotten something done :)

And before I go, one cute Duke pic- taken today!

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