Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer weather...

So it's definitely 90 degrees out.

The stick on cheapy thermometer that's on our front window (in the shade) says 91!

Also- it's May, in West Virginia.  Our average high temp for this time of year is 78.  Can we say heat wave???

So it's Memorial Day today, and Brew & I had a pretty great weekend!  Saturday morning we went and looked at a few houses (on the drive-by, all of them were just "eh" so we didn't make any appointments to seriously look).  We also went to Kohls, where I spent my Kohls cash to get a sautee pan.  Ohhh and here's the kicker.  So the pan was originially like $40.  It was on sale for $30.  I had $20 Kohls cash making it $10 I actually paid for it.  AND I got a thing for a $10 rebate that I have ready to send out tomorrow!  Heck yes.  It ended up costing me NOTHING!  (Well, I guess if you wanted to be technical- you could say it cost me the postage stamp!)   Love deals like that.  Anyway, then we came home, walked the pooch, and then I headed out to my friend Whitney's bridal shower!  It was fun! :D

After the shower, I came back home & we headed to the Levee in Marietta, OH  (across the river from where we live in WV) and watched my dad's band, Country Horizon play!

And yesterday (Sunday) we went to church as usual.  Came home and walked Duke (and I baked a cake), then we headed over to Brew's aunt & grandma's for a cookout.  My nieces had fun splashing in their little pool :)

And then finally, we came home, picked up Duke, and headed to my parents' house for yet another cookout.  This was also kind of a graduation celebration for my brother.  I made him a cake! :)

My hubby also talked me into buying a laptop.  For those of you that know me, I HATE spending lots of money, especially when it's not something we absolutely NEED but Brew's very good at talking me into it.  LOL.  So OUR new laptop (it's for both of us) will be arriving sometime next week!  It's a Dell Inspiron14R.  Here's what it looks like...

And then today has been just a relaxing day... Brew went off to help my brother re-do the roof over his carport, so Duke and I have just been chillin' at home.  I want to take him for a walk but considering it's sweltering out- we're gonna wait til later this evening!

There's also two weeks of school left (woo hoo!-- actually only 5 days for me scheduled left) and then summer will have officially begun ;)  I have a few days off before I start babysitting for the summer.  And in 3 weeks and 3 days Brew, Duke & I are heading to the mountains for a camping trip to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

Alrighty that's all!  Stay cool everyone :)

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