Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad Dog!

*WARNING- Ranting post ahead*

Ok I'm so P.O.ed right now it's not even funny. So we've been leaving my dog home for little bits at a time, usually up to 4 hours outside his crate. My goal is to get him to where he doesn't have to be crated at all. But I've been working on it gradually and he's been doing great.

Until today. I had to be at work early this morning for an IEP meeting so I left earlier than normal, just as hubby was getting up. So he was the last one to leave the house (and in charge of putting the dog away). Well he, I guess in his ignorant man-ness, decides to NOT crate him today. Now I know he was aware of my plan to gradually graduate him to longer periods of time but apparently he thought today he was ready for an 8 hour stint at home alone.

So I get home and find the living room rug (a cheapo one mind you, that was already falling apart) all bunched up with a hole chewed out of the middle. And all of his toys strung out. Ok I was a little irritated, but I had been planning on buying another rug soon anyways so I didn't get to bent out of shape. So I reprimanded him and ignored him for a while till he got the message. Then I rolled up the rug and put it in the trash and cleaned up the mess, and made up with Duke by playing with him.

THEN, I walked into the living room and something made me look at the hope chest that we have in there (that used to belong to my mom). And saw THIS:

Ohhhh I'm livid. Seriously??? Of ALLLLLL the things I have furniture wise he chooses to chew on the one thing I actually CARE about. Why not the end tables that I got for $30 with the dining room table from my uncle's old roommate? Or even the secondhand couch or chairs that I paid nothing for. Oh no. We go for something that has sentimental value, something that I was planning on keeping in my family and giving to my daughter someday. Ugh.

Not to mention my dog has NEVER chewed up anything other than his toys and bones. And when he has tried to, or acts up like that, it's usually when we're home. He's usually a really good dog about that sort of thing. I just hope this is an isolated incident.

Needless to say, I can't really punish Duke for it now because who knows how long ago he actually did it. But I'm still so irritated. I'm *hoping* that Brew can fix it somehow. Maybe sand those little handle things off on both sides and refinish? I don't know. I guess we shall see. Duke is NOT on my good list. Needless to say, when we go to Lowes to get a rug tonight, he's going in his CRATE!

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