Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yep I've officially started nesting.  Like big time.  I've started this whole new thing now to get my house organized and hopefully STAY organized.  So before I give you my regular pregnancy update I thought I'd share with you the method to my nesting madness ;)  I'm hoping that after some tweaking I can continue to keep up with it after Baby Jackson is born too!

So to start I came up with a short list of things that need to be done DAILY.  I then grouped them into two groups-- one "morning routine" and one "evening routine".  I've made a huge effort in the last week or so to get myself up early enough to do those few extra things before I leave to babysit or whatever and I just spread out my evening routine from the time I get home to the time I go to bed.

Here's my "morning routine": wake up, let dogs out, shower, get dressed & ready for the day, feed dogs (if Brew hasn’t already), eat breakfast, make bed, unload dishwasher (if needed), put one load of laundry in washer.

Usually my hubby does take care of feeding the dogs in the morning so I don't always have to worry about that one :)   Then I go about my day until evening-ish then I will start...

My evening routine:  switch laundry to dryer, feed dogs (take them for a walk and/or play with them outside if nice weather), cook dinner, finish loading & start dishwasher, straighten up kitchen, pick up anything in main living areas & put in its place, fold & put away laundry.

Just adding those few extra things really doesn't take much more time, and I have it saved as a note on my iPhone so I can make sure I get it all done.  In addition to that I have one little thing I do each day.  If I keep up with everything it's really not a huge job.  So here's my list of things I do each day.  I made this specifically so the evenings I have something to do (like Thursday night clogging practice) I made my job a smaller job than say a day I don't do anything like Mondays.  I do these things in addition to the morning/evening routines.

Sunday- Change bed sheets, Deep clean kitchen, Vacuum floors
Monday- Deep clean main bathroom, Empty trash & take to road (Brew does this)
Tuesday- Clean/straighten bedrooms
Wednesday-  vacuum floors
Thursday-  Deep clean half bathroom
Friday- Pick up & dust living room & family room, vacuum floors
Saturday- Outside chores (Brew) catch up from anything missed during week, do any special projects, relax

So there you have it-- my little system.  I started it last week so I've been keeping up with it since then.  I'm pretty proud of myself for doing so!  lol.  So hopefully I can stick with it until the baby comes then after he comes just do a bit of tweaking to accommodate my new routine ;)  I highly suggest this if you want to get your house cleaned and organized and keep it that way.  It's an easy way to spread it out so it's not too overwhelming.  (Before I was the type that let everything go and then spent and entire day- or two- doing nothing but cleaning!)  Let me know if you have a similar "system" to keep organized! :)

In addition to getting the house cleaned and organized I've also been starting on baby Jackson's nursery!!!  Here are two videos showing my progress so far!!!

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