Sunday, July 8, 2012

21 Weeks Exactly!

Wow two posts in one day-- and a pregnancy update on time!  Crazy I know!  I haven't recorded my vlog yet, I will add it to the bottom of this post once I get the chance to record/upload it.  I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow at 1:00, however I have to reschedule it because my great aunt passed away Friday and the funeral is at the same time.  I'm going to see if they can fit me in any earlier tomorrow, but we'll just have to wait and see!  At any rate if I can get in later this week then I'll just wait till after my appointment to do the vlog.

Here's my weekly (er, not-so-weekly) pregnancy update!
How far along: 21 weeks
Size of Baby: Banana
Total Weight Gain: 9lbs
Maternity Clothes: About 95% of my wardrobe!  Only a couple dresses still work, though they are starting to get a little short in front, and yoga pants/shorts.  Everything else is maternity!
Gender: We're having a baby BOY!!!
Movement: Lots.  I have a little ninja baby!  He usually is breech so I feel most of the kicks right square on my bladder  (that part isn't so comfortable).  I have felt them a couple times elsewhere so I'm hoping that means he's still turning and flipping a lot.  I have also felt him once or twice on the outside, but Brew hasn't been able to!
Best thing this week: Feeling stronger, more frequent kicks/movement, getting my registries made (at least so far).
Sleep: Usually good.  I can't make it past 6 without having to pee, and occasionally I've had trouble getting comfortable to start with.
What I miss: Haven't really been missing anything lately :)
Cravings: honestly nothing specific as of late, and nothing consistant.  I do get hungry frequently though!
Symptoms: Ugh the new thing the past couple days has been TAILBONE pain.  I feel like it's majorly bruised.  I've also had a little bit of swelling due to the record-breaking ridiculous heat we've had lately.  Nothing too bad, cause I can still get my rings on/off-- just they are way tighter sometimes.
What I’m looking forward to: My next appointment, and I should also get another ultrasound next week :)

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