Monday, November 7, 2011

Update Time :)

Ok so quick update on the last few weeks...

{Trick or Treat!} 
Brew and my father in law installed gas logs in our (fake) fireplace!  Then we had a clogging show that evening, and then my nieces came over to Trick or Treat in our development.  We had a TON of trick or treaters-- if my mother in law had not brought candy too, we'd of been handing out poptarts or something LOL. 

So our new puppy Earl is doing great-  ornery as can be-  AND he's going to be a stubborn one to house train.  Did I mention I'm SO tired of cleaning up dog pee???  Anyway, for Halloween this year I made them little bandanas to wear on trick or treat day :)  (And the second & third pics there is just them being cute- begging my husband for food and laying in the sun. ;)

{Football Game}
This last weekend we went to the Mountaineer game.  We lost by a lousy field goal-- to an UNRANKED team of course :-P  Blah.  We still had fun anyway :)

{Niece or Nephew} 
Yeah we still don't know.  Baby was being uncooperative during her ultrasound.  So all we know now is that he or she is very stubborn ;)  Hopefully we'll find out in another 2-4 wks when she goes back!

Ok with that I have to go-- eating then going to the Symphony Chorus rehearsal.  So excited to get to sing in a choir again :)  Adios!

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