Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

My husband's family is desending on our house at 1pm (his aunt much earlier due to the fact she's helping me cook!)  so I'm doubting I'll have time for this post tomorrow soooo here goes!

I have so many things to be thankful for-- here's just a few...

  •  My completely awesome, wonderful husband.  He works so hard for us and is truly my best friend.  Couldn't ask for more. <3
  • My family- both my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc AND all of my inlaws!  They are all so supportive and I love them all!
  • My friends- many of which are inlcuded in the above two bullets ;)  I've been blessed with some wonderful true friends!
  • My pups, Duke & Earl.  Sometimes I'm ready to ship them off somewhere, but truly I love those little mutts & they have brought me so much joy & companionship.
  • Our new house, and the fact we were able to purchase our first home.
  • My job & my husbands job- may not be exactly what we want but it pays the bills!
  • Clogging- without it I'd get NO exercise, and it's just fun!
  • Music- need I say more?
  • Our troops- both past and present
  • Technology- I'm so thankful that I can talk to and even "see" my cousins living in Germany often even though they are miles away.  It's also nice to keep in touch with friends from high school & college I don't see often.

That's just from the top of my head.  But I'm definitely very BLESSED. :)

As for today, I'm going to be finishing up cleaning the house, and baking pumpkin pies & cheesy potatoes for tomorrow.  (Tomorrow I'm cooking sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and green beans!)  Just call me Betty Crocker ;)

Oh and I am also REALLY hoping to record a house tour video (finally)!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! <3

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