Thursday, November 17, 2011

September Video + random update

Yep- finally got it up!

I am VOWING to get a house tour video done by Thanksgiving.  I have the week off so hopefully it'll happen.  Granted- there's still not everything done I wanted.  I was hoping to have the guest room set up and all the boxes cleared out of the 3rd bedroom-- but alas, my hubby has yet to make any progress on the first one-- and I haven't gotten rid of the boxes just yet because there are still some things that need moved from our old house.  And we now have a time limit because my dad, aunt, and uncle found a person who would like to rent it now.  So yeah- gotta get a move on.  At any rate, I will do a video before Thanksgiving because I'm hoping to get Christmas decorations out soon after that!

I am getting over a cold-- I started getting sick Sunday morning.  It's now Thursday and all that remains is a bit of chest congestion/coughing and my voice is froggy.  I FEEL much better though-- Monday and Tuesday I felt pretty crummy.  And of course I've been working everyday this week (had it booked for a while so I felt bad canceling at the last minute)

Other than that not much has been going on with us... I'll try and update again soon though  (got a good recipe I wanna share!)

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Real Life Reslers said...

can't WAIT till Thanksgiving break. Thank you Jesus that I'm a school employee!!